Why We Help You

Hi – My name is Beverly Taylor. I am a certified hypnotherapist in Northern California. A few years ago I was presented with some very real challenges when I made the transition from traditional methods of acquiring new clients to utilizing the digital domain, and I know that I am not alone. I have made it my life’s work to ensure that you and other holistic practitioners like you don’t have to wade through the painful process of creating a powerful, and ultimately productive, online presence (more than just a pretty website). Read more to learn how we help you be successful.

The Number One Challenge for Holistic Practitioners

When we surveyed holistic practitioners as to their top challenges – 90% said their number one challenge was getting more clients.

The challenges that holistic health practitioners face in today’s world are daunting, especially in today’s digital world, complete with smart phones and tablets. The yellow pages and newspaper ads are relics of a bygone era where attracting new clients was as simple as placing a few ads…

Recent research showed that 90% of people looking for local businesses use the internet to find them.

Skill Sets for the Digital Domain

Today we must have a new complex skillset in order to get the internet to go to work for us. We must have a compelling website that not only introduces us to a prospective client but that also engages them with us through a blog, free offers for a high value eBook in order to start building a prospective client list that you will stay in touch with through a personalized automatic email system (autoresponder). And then there is social media… Between Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others there is yet another brave new world to be mastered.

You Must Be Able to Answer These Questions

How do I optimize my website for the search engines, such as Google?

What is local SEO and how do I set it up so clients searching for me or my specialty, will find me?

What are the best keywords for my business and how do I research them?

Is my website mobile-friendly?

What is a content management system, why do I need one and which one will help me rank high with the search engines?

How can I use social media to attract new clients?

Which social media platforms should I be on and what type of content should I post?

How can I sell products related to my practice on my website?

Do I need a blog? If yes, what should I write about and how often should I post?

There Is A Silver Lining

However there is a bright side and that is there are potential new clients that are looking for you (or someone like you) right now and they are “Googling”.

The question is, will they find you or will they find someone else? Want to know what we can do to help?

It Takes Time And Expertise To Attract New Clients

All of which begs the question; where in the world are you going to find the time to do all of these things…

Run the day-to-day business of your practice…

And take care of your patients and clients too?

The answer?

You CAN Do All Of This Yourself, OR You Can…..

…..Let Holistic Hub Websites do it for you.

Why Did I Create Holistic Hub Websites & Marketing Services?

I founded this company and as a holistic practitioner, I know what you’re facing because…

Simply put….

I’ve been in your shoes.

Knowing what you face every day…

Along with expertise in the field of internet marketing, branding and advertising…

we will create the online campaigns that drive new clients to your door.

After I graduated from UCLA, I worked 18 years in the Silicon Valley computer industry, working on large corporate sales and marketing computer systems at Apple Computer and others. I then became a hypnotherapist because I wanted to help people directly. After 15 years of being a hypnotherapist and later certifying hypnotherapists, I found the biggest challenge for them was to get new clients.

The benefit is obvious;

Holistic Hub Websites does the marketing that brings in plenty of new patients and clients…

You, the practitioner, get to use your healing gifts and focus on those patients and clients… Without the added stress and time of becoming a marketing expert.

There’s a lot more to tell, including the affordable plans that I’ve created for you!

Suffice to say that…

If you’re overwhelmed by the challenges of being a caring practitioner and trying to be a marketing expert too…

Click here to find out how Holistic Hub Websites & Marketing Services can make your life, and your business, the joyful and stress-free place you desire.