Google loves Wordpress

3 Reasons Google Loves WordPress Websites And Blogs

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Do you know why Google loves WordPress? One of the easiest ways to help your sites rank well is to build them in WordPress, and make sure to take advantage of the many features (such as tags and categories) that have earned Google’s love. Not only does it help you create a site quickly and efficiently, but it can help you rank sites much more quickly, providing free plug-in’s to help you format meta tags and set your site up for success.

There are several reasons Google seems to play favorites with WordPress sites, some obvious, and some more subtle. Understanding why that is can help you ensure you take full advantage of the features that give your site the boost it needs to make it in the big leagues.

1.    Tags, Categories, And Posts, Oh My!

Google tends to love the fact that WordPress provides so many ways to let them know what the page is about. This is done with the use of categories and tags that help set the topic, ease search, and it helps that the information is stored and organized in a database. Ensure that all your pages and posts take full advantage of these features, and that they are optimized properly for the best and most reliable search results.

2.    New Posts Home Page

It’s no secret that Google loves new, changing content, and having posts on your front page is a great way to ensure your site gets crawled more often and gets ranked for more keywords. Posting often, at least once a week, is a great way to ensure your site shoots to the top of search results for your target key words.

3.    SEO Plug-Ins

Installing SEO plugins can turn even the newest webmaster into an SEO expert, helping sites rank quickly and easily. This works by providing a built-in, code free, way for you to customize your pages and posts meta tags, and helping you optimize your content for optimal results and best search engine ranking.

Google has played favorites with WordPress for many years. Taking advantage of the features that helps the sites rank well, and fast, you can be sure you make the most of your online business. By taking advantage of tags, categories, and customizing your meta tags with the help of SEO plug ins, you give your site the best chance at making it to the big leagues.