5 Moves to Make When Your Holistic Business Is Going Broke

holistic bizJPEG facebookAs holistic and wellness entrepreneurs you are often focused upon our healing abilities, intuitive abilities and deep desire to be of service to the world.  Our mission is wholeness of the individual and healing our communities; it is not on building a brand or marketing our services.  For many of us, you work really hard in the marketing of our services and products only to end up with little to zero results.  Thus, your business actually breaks the bank.  You become discouraged and wonder if starting our own business was a mistake.


YOU are not ALONE.  There are specific reasons why as holistic entrepreneurs you struggle. Let’s look at 5 reasons why many holistic business are broke bound


1. Choose your path and stick to it

As healers, coaches, holistic practitioners, and wellness providers many tend to try and offer as many different services as possible.  Trying to serve everyone and all their needs.  Clients don’t really know who you are as a service provider when you do this.  There is the old saying a Jack of all trades, master of none.  Become a master of your path.  Pick a specific area to focus upon.


2. Choose your tribe

Are you marketing to everyone?  – overworked, broke, questioning purpose if answered yes.  How do you determine your tribe?  What is the specific group of people you are meant to serve?  Look back to your niche path, does it have a strong thread that weaves through it that your story/skills speak to?  Ask yourself what specific problem you are solving; then ask yourself who has this problem.  This is your tribe.


3. Have an elevator pitch

So many wellness and holistic entrepreneurs do not have a 10 second hook that they can share when asked what it is that they do.  Without this hook, everything in your marketing will be disjointed.  Simply the elevator pitch is the problem you solve for your target tribe through your genius plan.


Two Examples:


I work with holistic based business women longing to integrate holistic beliefs into their world and businesses by changing the way you engage with wellness, spirituality, ethics, and integrity into alignment.


I help women facing adversity to overcome challenges and obstacles and discover their own spiritual truths in order to find their inner joy through shamanic healing practices.


4. Charge what you’re worth and don’t apologize

Whatever one does in life there has to be an exchange of energy.  Would you expect to receive a person’s heart soul work in a sacred object such as a talking stick or necklace for nothing?  Hopefully you answered no.  Then why would a soul filled, heart filled coaching session be any different?


The subject of money is often looked upon as a negative energy; yet, everyone strives for a prosperous and abundant life.   Sacred economics is a weaving of sacred life and holistic business.  So offer mentorships, workshops, teachings, among other things for a fee.  In return for that fee give as much of your soul as possible.  In sacred economics everything is sacred energy; this includes workshops on social media marketing and how to build a website.  It is all sacred and for all there needs to be some energy exchanged between the practitioner and the client.  It is all about the sacred intent behind your breath, your words, and your soul.  So charge what your worth, and don’t apologize.


When you truly value what you offer, you will charge accordingly for your value.  Start valuing yourself and your services.


5. Do not be poverty conscious

If you are financially struggling, you have poverty consciousness.  If you are not investing in your business, you have poverty consciousness.  Whether you are investing in getting the help with services such as marketing, web development or you are investing your time with a business coach to learn the various aspects of owning a business, you have to invest.  You are asking your clients to invest in themselves to create the wellness they desire, why would you not walk your own talk.


Here is the challenge.

You want to do what you are called to do, share your gifts with the world, and be of service.  Unless you start taking your holistic business seriously, you will not get your gifts out into the world in the way you are called to do.  Stop stealing from your clients the gift of valuing themselves by under valuing your services.  It is a fact:  people value what they pay for … this includes YOU!


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