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7 Engaging Blog Post Content Tips

What kind of engaging blog post content tips would interest you?  The kind that converts your target market into a loyal fan!  So how do you do that?  By writing something that really helps your clients improve their life or helps them some way.  Enjoy these classic blog post tips. Here’s a reminder of how to BE the entertainment (or edutainment if you are educating AND entertaining) for your target market.

  1. A blog is kind of like a diary or a journal.  So, make the content juicy to your target market.  What do I mean by juicy?  I mean it’s got to keep your target’s interest or they just won’t care to come back for more.  People read blogs for fun and for information.  So, if you’ve just created a new chicken breed by crossing a Polish Top Hat chicken and a Winnebago chicken, to make a Top Hat Winnebago chicken that kind of makes it look like it’s wearing a colorful 1970’s Leisure Suit, share a picture.  It will be news and keep your target of chicken farmers interested!
  2. But, more than posting a picture on your blog, provide what is called Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content on your blog.  These are words you are guessing (and checking with the Google Ads Keyword tool) are ones your ideal prospect is typing into the search box on Google.  Make those words simple and ones listed in the words searched at least 500-1000 times per month in your Keyword Tool search results.
  3. If you are new to writing blog posts, insert words in your blog post that make sense to both humans AND Google.  For example, there are certain words people use to find your particular product or service.  Let’s just stay with talking about chickens because that’s kind of fun.  If you want people to know you are a chicken farmer, it’s self-defeating to start talking about anything unrelated to chickens.  So you rarely want to start talking about pigs or goats when your blog post needs to stay in alignment with proper SEO.  Just talk about chickens.  You can’t breed a goat with a chicken or a pig with a chicken.  Where would that breed live?  Your human prospects will like you using SEO correctly and Google will LOVE you for it.
  4. When it comes to making your blog easier to find, after you’ve analyzed the ideal focus keyword for your blog post, (chicken in our example) pepper that keyword an appropriate amount of times throughout your blog post.  But, if you use it TOO many times, Google will give you conditional love instead of unconditional love and the post will wind up on page 2,345 instead of page 1 of Google.  To demonstrate overuse of a keyword in blog post content still using our chicken farmer example, that would be, “I felt chicken about becoming a chicken farmer.  But my wife said I shouldn’t be chicken about it because I am a smart guy.  We talked about my chickenness about becoming a chicken farmer and, my wife being a therapist, knew exactly what to say to help me eliminate my chicken feelings.  So, that’s why I am a chicken farmer today!”
  5. When you use your keyword, make sure it makes sense to humans.  For example, if you chose “chicken nitrogen fertilizer source” as your keyword, how could you write that in a sentence and make it sound understandable?  Google software might be okay with it but humans would not.  So, make sure your keyword is one you can use in content and make sense using it so you get prospect and Google love.
  6. It’s good to categorize your blog post.  This is done using tags.  A tag is a broad category you use to help make it appear on Google’s page one for your topic.  In our chicken example, tags might be:  Chickens, Chicken Farms, Local Chicken Farms, Chicken Hatcheries, Jones Chicken Farm,
  7. What about a meta description?  Look at your blog post’s meta description as a 156- character space for an ad about your product or service.  Make it an interesting one because that is what will show up on the Google listing about your business.  A sample meta description (as close as possible to the 156-character limit) for our chicken farmer could be:  Jones Chicken farm raises healthy chickens. We sing as we feed them organic feed. USDA Organic.  No need to be chicken about our chickens.  800-555-1212.”

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