Creating a Fan Base

Are You Creating a Fan Base with Your Marketing?

Give Your Clients What They Crave and They Stay Your Loyal Fans! 

Do you know that you are creating a fan base with your marketing?  It’s true.  If your business is thriving, you are a star in your field and all is well.  You have more money than you know what to do with and people are lining up outside your business with money clenched in their hands…clamoring to almost force you to take their money to get what you offer.

When people are crazy about your products and services, you created a fan base using your marketing efforts.  If you memorably build your fan base, you are focused on giving your fans what THEY love rather than on what YOU love.  It would be good if what you love and what they love is the same thing because then marketing is easier for you.

Said another way, what’s the most successful marketing strategy?  It’s the one where you offer your fans (customers) something engaging and interactive you both love and like to hear and see.  But mainly, it appeals to them first and you second.

Do you love dogs?  Tell your customers your favorite cute puppy story.  Dog lovers love to hear about puppies because they love puppies, too. But don’t monetize the story.  Tell the story just because you and your market both love stories about dogs.  In this way, you are creating a fan base…of dog lovers.

If you want your dog to love and be devoted to loving you for who you are, you automatically want to spend time with your dog.  You play with your dog.  Your dog is your greatest fan.  Similarly, in your business, LOVE spending time with your customers sharing information that makes life easier for them.

All relationships require commitment and a time investment.  This includes your customer relationships.  They need to know you are their friend.  So, you need to give them your personal attention without monetizing every marketing activity.  When you give your customers your time, you are creating a fan base.

Make Your Marketing About What Your Target Wants

“Ruff, ruff.  Bark, bark!” says your dog happily waving his tail upon seeing you home from work.  That innocent, excited, endearing relationship with your four legged friend is priceless.  Just as your dog cannot be made to feel they are “burdens to be dealt with,” if you want a meaningful relationship with them, your customers are counting on you to genuinely love them.  You love them by talking to them in THEIR language.  That means sharing content that genuinely helps them do their jobs better or generally improve their life quality.  When you love them just because you want life better for them, you are creating a fan base.

Marketing is a type of engagement activity you use to create, maintain and sustain your relationship with your fan base.  You are creating application relevant stories to show your clients how to keep using your products and services to make life better for them.

Business Success is Quite Simple – You MUST Invest In Marketing Through Relationships

Give your fans what they want and they will follow you anywhere.  Betray them by being stingy and cheap and they will go somewhere else.  In other words, you MUST include marketing in your business operation budget to successfully run your business.

That’s Entertainment!

Know those really fun, interesting or intriguing commercials you see on TV or the Internet?  They are fan base building tools.  Those video commercials are seen as an entertaining way to encourage your target market to keep believing in and using your products and services over your competitors.

Example: Progressive Insurance commercials. Stephanie Courtney also known as “Flo” became one of the world’s most recognizable spokespeople for this company. She entertains people and they buy insurance. They LOVE Flo. Who is the Flo for YOUR business? Your target market is looking for your business mascot. Give it to them through marketing.

Create and Sustain A Marketing Budget

How much money did Progressive invest in fan base building using marketing in 2013? According to the Insurance Journal ( they spent a little over $595 MILLION dollars in 2013. And GEICO, another well known insurance company invested about two times the amount Progressive did. Does investing in marketing pay off? The point? You MUST market and keep it coming to your target audience.

Holistic Hub Websites & Marketing Services is here to help you build your fan base. We are experts in using marketing tools to get you the fans you need and want. We have the time and expertise to do this. Do you? It’s best for you to do what you do best – your profession. Let us help you with your marketing.