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How Your Holistic Practice Can Benefit from Facebook Advertising

Nowadays, most business entities have one thing in common: they utilize Facebook advertising. With the advent of technology, modern ways of advertising have been introduced and they prove to be more beneficial than traditional means that we are accustomed to. Among these modern breakthroughs, Facebook stands out for a lot of reasons. As of the first quarter of 2015, Facebook reportedly has 1.44 billion monthly active users. Imagine how big your potential market is if you use Facebook advertising for your holistic practice. Not yet convinced? Here are several reasons why Facebook is beneficial in promoting your practice:

Using Facebook requires less effort. In the past, promoting your practice involved putting up signage, distributing promotional products and other energy-consuming methods. With Facebook, you can easily reach out to thousands of potential clients by using your computer or mobile device. You can conveniently advertise your practice from the comforts of your own home or office, or even as you travel.

Using Facebook gives your practice more exposure. The old-fashioned way exposes your practice only to a limited market but Facebook opens up your practice to thousands of potential clients. Nowadays, most people are already on Facebook. They use the social media platform to be informed of latest events and even to do business. If you effectively use online marketing strategies, you can easily attract thousands of potential customers within your area and beyond. You can even connect with international clients through Facebook.

Using Facebook is less costly. Using traditional means can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars just to get maximum exposure. In old school advertising, perhaps the most effective way to attract a large amount of attention is to put up an expensive billboard. Putting up a billboard demands tons of money and it can be quite a reach most especially if you are just starting out with your practice. With Facebook, you can already promote your business extensively with hundreds of dollars. Likewise, if you are still new in the business, Facebook gives you the chance to advertise your practice within your budget. With a minimum amount of $1 a day, you can already start promoting your holistic practice on Facebook.

Using Facebook allows you to interact with potential clients. With Facebook, you can readily communicate with potential clients. Likewise, they can easily connect with you by commenting on your posts or by sending you a message. Most businesses drive more attention to their Facebook page by setting up online contests which promote client interaction. You can do the same with your practice.

Facebook opens the door to unlimited possibilities and when you take advantage of this, your practice will surely enjoy its benefits. If you want to take your practice to the next level and gain more clients, explore the different features of Facebook with us. Avail of our free 20-minute consultation or of our free e-book. Let us help you grow your holistic practice with Facebook advertising.