The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing

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Marketing is among the major components that drive a business towards success. Without it, a business cannot grow. Imagine yourself owning a car without any fuel in the gas tank. A business without marketing is exactly the same thing. Products and Services are not going to sell themselves. Your company’s reputation is not going to build itself either. Marketing does both jobs and more.


Many businesses think that marketing is an easy task. They often assign this job to one member of their company, or a friend if it’s a one-person company. Business owners even resolve to do it themselves. How hard can it be? Distributing brochures, creating a social media account, starting a blog or putting up posters is not so difficult after all. That is true. But making sure that they produce desirable results for your company? That is another story.


Another common misconception that many businesses have about marketing is that it is only for large scale business. Small businesses have limited start-up budgets for marketing but with ingenuity, they can make the most out of their meager resources. Marketing is for every type of business including for holistic practitioners.


As a holistic practitioner, there is a need to market yourself. If you don’t, people will not be aware of the things that you can do to help them. They won’t even know that you exist even if you have spent years mastering your craft. Do not allow all those years of training to go to waste. There are plenty of potential clients out there who need your help. Reach out to them through the power of marketing.


Outsourcing Your Marketing

Outsourced marketing is becoming a trend in the business world. If you are not yet familiar with how it works, outsourcing your marketing means hiring an individual or a company to market your business. Many see this move as expensive and unnecessary. They fail to realize that outsourcing their marketing is one of the wisest decisions that they can make for their business.


Save Precious Time

If you let someone who has no or little experience handle your marketing function, you are only wasting both your precious time and money. Marketing is too important to let just about anyone do it. It should be done by a capable individual or group who know exactly what they are doing. Outsourcing your marketing enables you to hand over the job to capable people. It saves you precious time and allows your employees to concentrate on other important functions.


Pay a Lower Cost

Outsourced marketing is less expensive compared to adding a new employee to your company. When you hire an extra person to work on your business’ marketing, you are committing to pay his or her salary, benefits, bonuses and taxes. You are also responsible for the training of that certain employee. Outsourcing your marketing involves paying only a fraction of the cost of maintaining an additional employee. It also gives you the flexibility to pay only for what you need and when you need it.


Get Expert Marketing Advice

In your company, you may be surrounded by employees who feel pressured to constantly agree with your marketing ideas. Even when you pitch an idea that seems ineffective, they are still likely to praise you. This is not good for the marketing of your business. You need people who can point out your mistakes for improvement. It’s best to have an expert who knows more than you. You also need different perspectives to come up with a successful marketing plan. With outsourced marketing, you get to have all three.


Access Latest Tools and Technology

These days, marketing has become increasingly digital. Marketing is no longer limited to brochures and printed campaign materials. It has taken new platforms like social media marketing, email marketing, and blogging. As a holistic practitioner, technology may be out of your league. But not to worry. With outsourced marketing, experts can further your practice with the latest tools and technology.


Hiring an Individual vs. Hiring a Firm

As you look into the idea of outsourced marketing, you will find many individuals and firms offering their expert services. At first glance, hiring a single person to market your practice may seem like a cheaper choice. Most freelancers charge lesser than firms but the quality of their results are not up to par with a firm’s. They also require more time to finish their work. When you outsource your marketing, the project is done by multiple individuals each with their own expertise to contribute. This yields faster and better results.


Outsourced Marketing at Holistic Hub Websites

There are many marketing firms that you can choose from but only a few understand your specific needs as a holistic practitioner. At Holistic Hub Websites, our team is comprised of experts who are not only good in marketing but also understand how your practice works. With us, you can rest easy knowing that the marketing of your practice is in good hands.

Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our practitioner advocates to see how Holistic Hub Websites can assist you with your marketing needs.  Call us now at 408-992-5529 or toll free (US and Canada) at 84HOLISTIC (844-654-7842.