Business Writing Skills

Business Writing Skills And How to Develop Them

Your clients have goals they want to achieve. How can you help them achieve their important goals? By using your stellar business writing skills to give them step by step guidance out of their challenges.

Clients and prospects look to you for hope of living a better day. Give them that hope and show them how to improve or dissolve their pain. This above all else reveals you are the ONLY expert to help them turn things around. Do this by using business writing skills.

Use Business Writing Skills As Language Tools

For example, suppose you’ve assigned your coaching client a homework assignment. This client is timid. You’ve asked her to share an ad on Facebook. By reaching out to prospects, she will attract business. However, she freezes when it comes to placing her ad. Why? She’s mentally stuck in the fear of failure.

What do you do to help her achieve her goal of successfully running her own online business? Use your business writing skills in an encouraging email. Encouragement is a message you can convey using professional business writing skills. Say something in a simple 1-2-3 manner in the email to encourage her to move forward.

How do you develop your business writing skills? By practicing them. You cannot develop a skill unless you put it in to practice. So, you are a part of her homework assignment. Show her how it’s done (visit

For example, in an email start out stating the problem. Next, briefly explain what will happen if she keeps doing the same thing and the drawbacks and/or benefits of doing it. Finally, ask a question or make a statement that will inspire or motivate her to take action. In our example, here’s what you could write using effective business writing skills in the encouraging email:

Dear (client’s name,)

In the email you sent me, you explained that you feel frozen with fear about placing the Facebook ad. (This first statement briefly summarizes the client’s problem. Being brief is all that is needed.) You also asked me for some ideas about how you can work through your fear. (This next part briefly gives ideas to help move the person forward.) Here are some ideas:

  1. Close your eyes and imagine being your favorite personality. This is someone you really admire because of his or her confidence. What would that person do to move through the unnatural fear of placing the Facebook ad? Pretend you are that person and just for now, be the confident version of that person successfully placing the Facebook ad.
  2. What are your other options other than holding yourself back in fear? What will happen if you keep allowing yourself to feel afraid? Write out those outcomes. Do you like what will happen?
  3. You are the ONLY one who can choose to be who you want to be. Allow yourself time to stay stuck in fear for say ten minutes. This could be valuable because the first step to change is identifying that you want to change something. However, if you stay stuck in fear, I recommend that you write out on paper what would happen if you stay stuck in fear longer than the next ten minutes. Also, write out what might happen that you like if you started pretending you ARE the confident personality you admire most? After you do these new activities, let’s arrange for another coaching session so you can move further forward.

To your success,

Your name

You develop business writing skills by writing. Apply your writing ability to your specific niche needs. By the simple act of writing, you will become a better writer!