Developing Business Credibility

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Do what you say you’ll do for customers. This is an important key to developing business credibility. When you operate and get a reputation for being a credible business, you develop a long term, meaningful, genuine business relationship with customers.

For example, a successful nutritional supplement company, Swanson Vitamins, makes a practice of delivering what they promise to deliver…health products. And customers are #1 with them.Their customers vote on Swanson’s reputation with amazing customer service including paying for return shipping if there’s a product problem. Now THAT’S customer service.

Decide on Your Business Credibility

Customers love Swanson’s reputation for putting the customer first. It is their decision-making process that’s helped them be #1 with their customers. A great business model, in my opinion, Swanson’s decided early on in their business to put customers first. If that is the focus for your business, too, then you have business credibility with your customers and clients.

Having business credibility with customers is a CHOICE. So it’s a good idea to choose to be credible in your business activities.

Being credible means you establish realistic standards and policies and generally stick by them. However, it also means being flexible enough to sometimes bend those policies in a situation by situation basis. Whatever it takes to build your business credibility, it is encouraged for you to do it. This is how you build your brand for being a genuinely caring business.

Excellent Customer Service

Are you thinking like your ideal customer when you make decisions to build business credibility? If so, your expectations are the same as your customer. The #1 thing a customer wants from you and your business is to feel respected, cared for and about. When you show you sincerely care about and for your customer, you also build business credibility. So, what are some of the things you or your staff regularly do to show you really care about your customers. Do you need to improve or change some of those things? If so, it could build your business’ credibility for being the “go to” business in your niche.

Be Credible in Your Decisions

Within reason, make business decisions that benefit your customers first. This does not mean putting your business at a disadvantage to the degree you are not profitable. This means to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and sometimes give a little bit extra TLC where it is warranted. This, too, helps you build business credibility.

Business credibility builds trust. That’s the reason to do things that build it. The reward for being a helpful business? When customers trust you they are loyal to you and your brand. To have exceptional business credibility means to be a trustworthy business. Befriend customers and they will tell others you are trustworthy. And, when you have a lot of customers you get to continue doing what you LOVE dong. Making a huge difference in the world!

What Do YouDo ToDevelop and Maintain Your Business Credibility?
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