Do I Really Need A Blog?

One of the greatest obstacles as a Holistic Business Owner is that we still live in a society where people do not understand the immense benefits of what YOU offer.  It is true that more people are seeking out holistic and wellness alternatives, they don’t know where to look, what will work best for their lives, and they have never heard of YOU.  Having a blog is not only an option … it is mandatory!


Education to Expert

A blog can be the go to place to learn the hows, the whys and the benefits of your unique services.  Educating your readers, sharing valuable insights, offering resolutions to specific problems, and introducing new products/services is the mission of a holistic blog.  Through your blog you can quickly become the expert in your field.



Now you have the valuable information on your blog, you want to have it read.  Blogs organically attract new readers searching for specifically what you are offering.  Your website can only offer limited information and you do not update it every week with your new educational information.  The caveat is to ensure that your blog is optimized for the internet indexing and can be found.  Knowing the keywords that can route your desired readers to your blog greatly increases your ranking in the world of Google.


Build Your Tribe

Blogging can create an organic tribe community of like-minded people who are searching for your specific services and products.  People relate to your experiences, stories, and flock to where the education is.  Blogs can enhance the engagement you have with potential clients by answering questions and exchanging perspectives.  We all know word of mouth marketing (customers suggesting you to potential customers) is still king.  When a blog is well written and provides value, your readers will share it with their readers expanding your circle of influence.


The added benefit of building your community through a blog is your subscription list.  Your blog can be the generator for the list that you offer your email marketing to.


Create Innovation

Engagement on your blog is through comments and questions asked each week.  Knowing what the concerns, issues, and needs of your potential clients are leads to creative and innovative new programs, services and products to fulfill the needs.



Marketing is more than SEO and rankings.  It is a strategy that revolves around planned content, engagement, and stunning visuals that are integrated with your website and your social media marketing.  YOUR blog can be the start of expanding your footprint in the wide world web catapulting you to the expert of your field.


With Holistic Hub Website solutions we can create an engaging, optimized, educational blog post for you that is SEO optimized, integrated with your social media and generates a subscription list automatically.  Our team of writers are EXPERTS in their fields and will offer valuable information to your readers.  Our optimization team will ensure that you are SEEN.  Our social media team will incorporate the ever changing challenges of being found.  YOUR advocate with Holistic Hub Website will ensure all of this happens seamlessly.  Let us help YOU become the EXPERT that is SEEN today.  Contact us for a demo today!