Do You Have A Spiritual Marketing Code?

spiritual code blogBefore we jump into what a spiritual marketing code is, let’s start with the basic question of why do people seek holistic practices, wellness, and spirituality in the first place?  They yearn for meaning in life, peace, and healing.  Seekers desire for an inner peace and joy, physical, emotional, and mental wholeness, healing, and even the ability to manifest their dreams.  They seek because Spirit is not a book you can read or a pill you can take.  You can’t touch it or see it.  You can feel it and at times hear it.  And (this is big) Spirit has a profound effect on every aspect of life.

This is a dream come true for a spiritual marketer.  There are an infinite supply of seekers, Spirit is infinite, and Spirit can be packaged any way you desire without being of concern of infringing on trade mark descriptions.  There are infinite ways to achieve the Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Healing that so many are seeking.

As a guide (you the holistic practitioner) you have the opportunity to assist the seeker in finding which trail into the land of their soul identity is best for them.  It was once described like this.  The Soul is undefinable, unmappable, and ever evolving.  The seeker wants to find the inner well spring of the soul but with the territory being so vast and evolving, they want a guide who can help them navigate the territory.  They seek out guides who have been to the inner spring knowing they have traversed the terrain before.

The seeker is looking for a guide who has a strong presence and has the spiritual guidebook to where they want to discover for themselves.  When spiritual marketers put themselves and their teaching out into the world, they are bringing a strong presence and their guidebook to those who are seeking.  It is part of any spiritual or healing mission; to carry a teaching, spiritual medicine, healing, and peace into the lives of those in need.

The key to bringing spirituality into your marketing (really your entire business) is authenticity.  Authenticity in your teaching, in your healing, and in your products.  Authenticity is when your true personality, character, and spirit remain the same regardless of the external pressures.

The life path of a spiritual marketer must walk within their own truths and attempts to live an impeccable life.  The spiritual marketer must engage fully with life; which means they take responsibility for everything that comes into life in order to gain wisdom, but more importantly to find their own true authenticity.

It means that walking as an authentic holistic marketer you are willing to see from all perspectives including those not of your sight.  It means that you are willing to go beyond the obvious aspects of a situation to a deeper than surface meanings.  It means becoming aware of the external influences and clearing them fully in order to face new challenges and test with an openness and deeper level of responsibility.

When the guide practices spiritual marketing authentically, they become truly receptive to the soul seekers needs and become completely in the flow of the infinite spiritual energy.

Spiritual Marketing is like the proverbial stone thrown into the water.  Once the stone is thrown into the air, it cannot be retrieved or changed.  The action is done.  When the stone hits the water, it will cause ripples and each ripple has an effect upon the vibration of everything surrounding it.  The ripples go beyond the scope of human sight.

The shadow side of the spiritual guide is the rescuer which assists and then withdraws under the illusion of detachment.  It is the hero who becomes addicted to the rescue.  This is where we see spiritual marketing lose its authenticity as the guide becomes the ego filled guru.  There is a balance between confidence and faith in your process and judgement that yours is the only process.


As a spiritual marketer I will:

  • Be actively engaged energetically in any experience whether it is with a seeker, client, universal spirit, my own soul, or with the ultimate flow of cosmic energy.
  • Take every journey to benefit self and others and not focus on a single experience, but rather the complete and right practice of balance.
  • See with the heart as a truth – an absolute essential ability – not see what is perceived.
  • Constructively seek out answers for solutions, not await for them to be brought to me.
  • Be committed to letting go and never forcing.
  • Observe with calmness and wisdom each seeker that comes to me; listening with sacred intent.
  • Remain within the boundaries of my own spiritual code of ethics to walk with authentic integrity.

I know that my marketing and practice creates all the ripples, the waves, and the undertows in my practice, yet I am stepping into the rapids anyways.  As this fulfills my spiritual mission.

I would love to help you fulfill YOUR spiritual mission.  Call me now at 408-992-5529 or toll free (US and Canada) at 84HOLISTIC (844-654-7842 and lets create a marketing practice designed specifically for YOU.