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Do You Know Your Audience?

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Do you feel like your words are falling on deaf ears?

It doesn’t matter how well-crafted your message or your speech is. You could have spent three weeks working on your messaging, but if it’s not geared to the right audience, you won’t have gotten the message across.

Whether you are a public speaker, a salesperson, a business person, a CEO, or an event co-ordinator, the key to getting your message across is to always know who you are talking to.

Knowing your audience is the starting point for all communication.

First, become aware of your intended audience. You will need to do a study of sorts. Are they male or female? How old are they? What do they do for work? What do they do in their spare time? Where do they live? What is their education level? Do they have children? What are their beliefs? How much do they make? What is their budget? Why should they use your product or your services? What are you trying to tell them? It is your job to understand them and their concerns. This information helps you decide what strategy will reach them most effectively.

Next, think about how they will perceive your message. Gear your language, length of your message and images towards that group. What do they already know about what you’re presenting? What is their level of understanding? What is their attitude about the topic or feelings towards the subject? What does the audience want to achieve? What are their goals and dreams?

Write this information down, and keep it in mind as all of these things should influence how you speak, act, and what words you use. Remember, you’re trying to convince them of something.

Next, you need to figure out a way to approach them on an appropriate level. Will they be reading it, watching a video, or seeing it on the Internet or over social media? For example, you may want to think about a printed copy for seniors, a memo for business people, and report for your boss, because that is what they are used to, but social media is probably the way to reach young people – fast.

Remember, delivering a message that isn’t well directed might as well not have happened at all.

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