Marketing Strategy

Do You Really Need a Marketing Strategy?

Yes, every successful business has been built on sound marketing strategy. Is there an advantage to implementing your own plan for marketing your new business? First of all, congratulations, you have arrived. Pat yourself on the back. Starting a new business is a difficult endeavor. Be proud of yourself for doing all your homework on your business. Now, you have concluded that you have the highest quality product or service on the market. Perhaps you have an edge because your product sells for considerably less than your nearest competitor.

Stop right there. Do yourself a huge service, find a competent, well respected expert to handle all your marketing needs. Leave it to the professionals to do what they do best. It makes no sense to take on the task. No, you will not save money if you do it.

A large percentage of successful business ventures are the result of business owners that decided to call in the pros. It makes sound business sense to delegate this aspect of your business to the ones who know what they are doing.

Newsflash business owners! We live in the age of electronics and internet purchasing consumers. Computer purchases and smart phone shopping are at an all time high. Today it makes more sense for business owners to know who their potential customers are.

Let me clarify that fact even more. Businesses must consider who their “online” customers are. This is key to how marketing strategies are developed. When it comes to e-commerce, men spend as much as women.

Shopping habits are defined by numerous factors such as gender, age, income, and education to name a few. It is equally important to look at what they buy and how behaviors differ. Men buy more mobile devices than women. Guess what? Men make more purchases on mobile devices than women.

The point is, one almost has to be a rocket scientist to decipher the purchasing habits of the average American consumer and then do all the technical computer marketing. In one word, it’s COMPLICATED. Gone are the days when a brochure, the yellow pages, and a business card were all you needed to get your business going. Even years ago when that’s all you needed, you still went to the experts! The experts back then were the advertising departments for yellow pages or newspapers, or the local print shop.

Not only is it a complicated market, it’s an extremely competitive market. All the more reason to delegate your marketing needs to the professionals. The average business owner is not even remotely able to have the time or expertise to implement today’s online marketing requirements.

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