How To Encourage Niche Clients to Follow Their Heart

In your business, do you follow your heart?  If you do, your example actually encourages your niche clients to follow their heart, also.   Living your passion is teaching that it is okay for others to live that way, too.  We are all prompted throughout the day from an inner wisdom to be our most authentic selves.  Living as our authentic selves makes business more enjoyable.

Flexibly Follow Your Heart…the Money Will Naturally Be There For You

Running a business is an opportunity to regularly do what you love to do. When you do what you love to do, you are following your heart, your passion.  Your clients and customers see that and they feel happy, too.

Sometimes following your heart may require you touse flexibility.  Flexibility and being open to new things can make your business unique.  Just how flexible do you need to be in your decisions to serve your niche?  It all comes down to getting your heart and your head to agree.

Your Inner Desire To Help Others

The desire to help others naturally resides within each of us.  However, that desire exists more strongly in some compared with others.  If the desire to follow your heart is strong within you, and you follow that desire, you setyour business apart from others.Listening to that inner prompt to travel a heart centered path requires you to follow a mission-focused marketing strategy.

What Is Following Your Heart Worth To You?

Can you determine the business value in following your heart?  Yes! You can identify and measure that value.  Using the values important to you and your customers may require you to operate your business in a way different from traditional business.  It may require change.

When change is needed to follow your heart, that change occurs because you see the value in changing.  So, if you are faced with change to follow your heart and enjoy your business more, I encourage youto ask yourself this simple question; what is the change worth to you? 

Change Can Initially Seem Inconvenient

Remember when you had to upgrade your computer the last time?  That was a necessary change for you to stay in business.  It may have initially seemed inconvenient to change.  But somehow you flexibly chose what was right for your business and you changed from what felt familiar and comfortable.

There was a positive value you placed on making that change.  That’s why you made the change.  The same is true for all the choices you make for your business.  When faced with change, first determine the positive and negative value to your business and your customers.  Be true to yourself and stand your ground when you know your decision is the best one.

Three things you can do to reveal and incorporate the value of following your heart and being true to your authentic self in business:

  1. Understand the impactfollowing your heart will make in your business.Life is short. You have one chance at living it here on earth.  Take the time to figure out the value you place on running your business in themost genuine way.  Go within and listen to your inner wisdom prompting you in your decisions.

2.If change is required, describe on paper the advantages and drawbacks of the change. Take out a piece of paper.  Draw a line down the middle of it to make two columns.  Over the top of the paper, summarize in one sentence the change you’re proposing to incorporate.  Beneath the summarized idea, over the first column, write out the word “advantages.” In this column describe the benefits to the proposed change.  In the second column, write the word “drawbacks.” In the drawback column, write the drawbacks to incorporating the change.

After you write out ideas, on another paper explain how the change or lack of changewill help you effectively and profitably follow your heart in your business.  Be clear and be specific.

  1. Make the change at a rate and in a way that makes good sense to you.Based on the ideas you reveal, create a plan and a process to incorporate the change or let things remain the same.Use your imagination to see mental pictures of succeeding in what you’re doing. Focus on succeeding in your business while following your heart.  Ask for feedback from other credible and successful business people whose opinions you trust.

We’d love to hear your stories of how you follow your heart in your business.  Please contact us with your stories.  Call us on (408) 992-5529 or email me at [email protected]