What Evergreen Marketing Is And Why Smart Business Owners Use It

Have you ever heard of evergreen marketing? The dictionary defines the word evergreen as, “retaining freshness or interest; perennial”. When you format your marketing content using evergreen marketing concepts, you produce reliable, dependable, trusted content that typically interests your target market and lasts through the ages. In other words, evergreen marketing stays the same no matter if you’ve used these classic content techniques in the 1950’s or in 2016.

Do you know how to comb your hair, tie your shoes, brush your teeth? Of course you do. And these evergreen habits help you dependably, reliably, powerfully live life on your terms. The content of these habits will continue to keep you interested in taking care of yourself until pretty much the day you die.Similarly to routinely using habits that help you excel in life, evergreen marketing can be used by people no matter what year it is.

What Are Some Evergreen Marketing Tools/Processes?

Branding When you brand your unique products and services, people come to trust and rely on your brand’s good name. They associate what you do with your brand.

Did you know your website theme could be a part of your brand strategy? If you align your regular marketing content with your website’s theme/brand, people will feel comfortable reading what you offer in the way of sharing your expertise. So remember to name your company, products and services in alignment with your brand and what you do with the deep cleaning services cork homeconcierge.ie. This will regularly help increase brand awareness for your prospects, clients and customers. Branding is an evergreen strategy for helping your market more readily see and trust you.

Branded Product Packages

When it comes to ebooks or physical products, package them keeping your website theme brand in mind. Humans are creatures of comfort. The brain actually likes things to be the same. It instills emotional security in us. So when it comes to creating a package for your products, use the same brand intelligence for it.

Consistent Website Colors, Theme and SEO Keywords

As already mentioned, by remaining true to your brand, you use the evergreen marketing mindset for the benefit of your prospects, clients and customers. To encourage them to trust you, whenever possible, use packaging that compliments your website colors and theme.

The same branding attitude is true for your SEO keywords used in your website content. Make it evergreen so that it can be used anytime of the year. If you write content just for specific holidays, you need to make sure it’s off your website in time for the next holiday. Much easier to write evergreen marketing content and leave it on your website in the archives all year long.

Your Keywords – You know what solution your unique problem solves. You offer an effective solution to your ideal prospects, clients and customers problems. They NEED your solution.They come to know and trust you by your branded solution. Now it’s necessary to think, talk and use keyword terms they plug in when they use search engines.

For example, if you are a business entrepreneur specializing in dog sitting, keep the name of your business simple. Use terms a pet owner would use to find you such as dog sitting. That’s the whole game behind using a search engine. When you write your evergreen content, think of the keyword terms your ideal prospect would consistently use to find you in a search engine. Use your keywords in the title of your website page, the domain name of your company name, in the content of your blog posts and especially in your website’s home page content. Be consistent in using your keyword. Humans AND Google will love you for it!

Remember to use regular English words your ideal prospect would use. Would they look you up by your company name? By your company name and the city in which you are located? By your name? In the dog sitting example, your domain name could be www.dogsittinginphoenix.com. Since you can’t virtually dog sit for a dog in Japan, you are logically looking for local business. So keep your keywords locally aimed.

The title keyword found on your homepage could be dog sitting, Phoenix, AZ. In your YouTube videos, use the same strategy. Share dog sitting tips with your customers and for the keywords use dog sitting, Phoenix, AZ. Key the idea? Do this with all your social media, FB, Pinterest, Tumblr, whatever you use. It will be much easier to find you.

The Electronic Phone Book called The Internet Search Engines

The internet is a like an electronic phone book. In an orderly fashion, it has listed people and businesses in an order that makes sense to the business owners. But, it would be better if the search engine contributors would use terms their ideal prospect, customer or client used when creating their website.

Ever feel frustrated about trying to figure out how to find a certain listing in the phone book? You know…that thing that’s a paper weight under the wobbly leg on your dining room table? (Just kidding…) This is why it’s important to reduce or eliminate frustration on the part of your searchers. Think like them and use THEIR idea of ideal keyword search string patterns.

Hey, you know what? Some savvy business owners do just that. They program their website and create tags and meta descriptions in a way their ideal prospect, customer or clients thinks. And they rank on page 1 for doing that. You can do it, too.

It’s a great big crazy world out there. You can get ranked on Google’s page one by staying focused on the right keywords!   Simply use the search terms that your ideal prospect uses to search for your product or service.

When you consistently use the same keywords that get results you like, (in other words traffic flow and converted customers to your business), you “train” (really program) the search engines in an evergreen way to keep seeing your website.

Evergreen Marketing Is Consistency In Your Brand

When you effectively use evergreen marketing, you sincerely focus on establishing your brand as a dependable, reliable, trustworthy name in which your prospects, clients and customers can believe. So, focus on how you intend to present your brand, product or service to the world and consistently be there in the form of your brand for your target market.

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