How To Find Your Target Audience

Imagine a mother calling to her young child who’s been outside playing in the yard with other children. A mother always knows her own child even when he or she is mixed in with several other children. It’s just the way things are. A mother knows exactly how to “target audience” her own child and her child always knows his or her mother. It’s a match made in heaven, so to speak, that cannot be confused. Why? Because a mother and child are bonded together by many different factors. Her offer to provide what her child needs matches to her child what seems familiar and right. It is this connection to each other that keeps them connected forever.

Similar to a mother always knowing her child and a child always knowing his or her mother, you, as a business person, must match and connect with your target audience with an undeniable connection. If you do not compatibly connect with your target audience, you have missed the mark with them. And, so, think about how a mother knows her child. You are not like a parent to your target audience. But you are a trusted friend, companion and connection to your target audience. When you share your expertise to help them solve their problems, and they come to you for services, products and advice, you are exercising a certain bond…similar to what a mother does for a child.

To include the bond of a father to a child, the bond is different but also a natural connection. A child knows his or her father. There is a consistent familiarity there just as there is with a mother. Taking this metaphor to heart, it is necessary for you to know your audience in such a way that you can anticipate what each customer needs…and provide it for them.

You Offer Something Special To Your Target Audience

Just as a mother and father offer a special connection to his or her child, you as a business person and marketer offer something unique and special to a specific audience. It is a special connection you offer, with a specific solution to certain needs and wants you provide to your prospects and customers. Your solutions come in the form of a service or product or both. Your services and products unmistakably solve an important problem in the lives of your target audience.

So how can you find your target audience? One way to do it is to imagine feeling lost without a certain solution to a specific problem that means more than anything to you. You need this solution or desperately want this solution but you can’t seem to find the “mother/father offer” that will solve your problem. AND you want it solved in a way that makes you feel significant, like satisfying your need or want is as important to the provider as it is to you. THAT’S how you find your target audience. First, feel what they are feeling without the solution, then imagine placing yourself in these imagined situations and giving the solution. This means you will need to get out of your comfort zone of NOT marketing (for those who dislike marketing) and doing it anyway. And, it may also require you to hire help if you really feel you cannot “make the bond” happen for your prospects and customers. To further explain how to find your target audience…

Describe The Pain Your Target Audience Feels and Let Your Business Solution Eliminate The Pain

So suppose that you are an expert, professional hypnotist at showing stay at home moms how to naturally de-stress. Imagine this picture…a mother with 2 young children running around who has relatively no time for herself. In fact, she has no unique identity except for taking care of her children and her husband. Something deep within her is bubbling up and prompting her to make custom jewelry. Celebrating her inner artist is the solution to her pain of being without an identify. To celebrate her inner artist, she needs to set reasonable boundaries and learn to ask for help without feeling guilt. This is where a professional hypnotist comes into the scene.

But she feels devoted to her family first and her inner promptings second. You are a hypnotist specializing in using hypnosis for natural stress reduction for women (your main niche) with a subniche for stay at home moms. Where do you find these stressed out stay at home moms? The simple answer is in activities where women gather.

But that’s just the general answer. And your offer to help stay at home moms must match their need or want to reduce their stress at losing their identity in the day to day mom work. These moms are torn because their family is important but having time to develop their inner artist/jewelsmith is also important to them. And this is where you would tell the women you meet the benefits of coming to a hypnotist to help the stay at home celebrate her inner artist come out and express herself in actually making jewelry.

Where Do You Find Your Target Audience For Your Stress Reduction Solution?

You must think like your target. So, in our example, you must think like a stressed out, overworked, underappreciated, mom. You may also need to think like a clueless man. This is no jab at men, but women may be unable to know how to express their feelings clearly to their husbands of HOW important making jewelry is.

So, if you can explain to husbands that their wives DO need to get out on occasion and be encouraged to have their own identity for their mental and physical health, it could be the husband that you want to contact. And where do men congregate? At sporting events. In the park playing sports with their buddies. In cycling clubs, at men’s clubs. If a husband suggested to her wife, let’s say for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day that it would be good for her to also pursue her artistic talents because there is more to life than working with the family, could it be good for the relationship between husband and wife? Yes, it could. And what benefit would that be for the entire family? Again, talking about benefits to the husband and wife about encouraging her to create her inner artist is how they can see things in a new light…with the help of a hypnotist.

The benefits to the family of having a mom who feels mentally and emotionally supported are many. If a woman feels loved and accepted for who she is, it helps raise her self esteem. The happier the mom of the family is, the happier she is to keep being the family’s mom. It’s a cycle and a circle of love.

See how it works to think about finding your target audience? To recap:

Think like your target audience

Describe what’s important to your target audience

Describe and give your target audience the emotional benefits found in your offer

This is how you find your target audience. But also you must make sure there are enough people who want your solution. This is where market research comes in first before you choose your target market niche.

A marketing services company can help you with each puzzle piece of how to find your target market. It takes education, knowledge and experience to know how to find your target market. Don’t go it alone. Find a marketing services company that will help you find a profitable niche and then specialize in a subniche of that general niche. THAT is how to find your target audience.