Why Following Through Improves Business Credibility

Last week, did you successfully achieve meaningful business goals?  Achieving goals you set out to do can directly relate to your business credibility.  When you follow through and achieve even segments of your goals, your fans see you as a reputable company.  Clients like to know you will be there for them.  By being known as a company that follows through, they trust you.  And that can help you stay in business for the long term.

Your Clients, Customers and Prospects Watch You

Do you genuinely provide what you promise to give?  That requires following through.  And the more often you follow through on what you say you’re going to do, the faster you develop trustworthy business credibility.  After all, your fans are watching you.  When you do what you’ll say you’ll do, you improve your business credibility.

Goal Setting Builds Business Credibility
Do you regularly set clear business goals and then create a plan to get them done?  That can be exhausting, can’t it?  But instead of focusing on the idea that doing what you say you’re going to do exhausts you, think about how it benefits your customer!  Setting and enacting clear goals is like the genuinely caring things you do in a friendship.  When you spend time with your friends, doing things they like, you create lasting friendships.  It is the same in business.  Spend time creating superior products, services and relationships with your customers.  You will be richer for it in many ways including doing business according to your passion.

Goal Setting Tips

When you create goals, describe in writing the desired outcome of achieving and enacting the goal.  What specific benefits are you providing to help your target customers achieve their goals?  Write out the benefits you provide to them on paper.  When you write out your mind’s intentions, you create a goal setting roadmap that helps move you forward in your business goals.

Create a process that’s easy for you to follow.  This helps you efficiently reveal what you want to do for your customers that helps them.  Write out each step of the process.  Make it repeatable and measurable.  That way you can rely on your process.  And, as you work your process, you are also following through on your promise to make things beneficial for your customers.

Outline the process in a way that is simple to follow.  Make it personally sensible to you.  This way you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed and see that it is time well spent using your process.  If the process seems too detailed, you may feel like the goals are actually unachievable.  If you feel goal achievement can never be done you are unlikely to take action.

Consider hiring an experienced mastermind business planner to coach you.  Training is one of your best business investments.  A planning coach can point out things that are not working for you.  It is all right to incorporate the new to help you achieve your goals.

When you stop using a system that has failed to work well for you in the past, things seem to fall right into place and you methodically succeed.  Make your goal achievement process simple and practical for your purposes.  It will inspire you to follow through.  And by following through your customers have more faith in you and what you offer.

How Do You Follow Through?
Share with us how you inspire and motivate yourself to follow through. Please contact me with any questions or comments.  I look forward to talking with you on (408) 992-5529 or by emailing me at [email protected]