Google Rankings Love Video

What draws you to a webpage?

Chances are, it’s not reams of black and white text that keep your attention. Pages and pages of solid writing bog down the brain.

It doesn’t matter how groundbreaking or insightful your words are. The truth is that humans are attracted to a good mix of textual information, photos, and videos. When we need information, we want a source that’s fast, accessible, easy to process, and appealing.

That’s where the video comes in. When you need to convert videos, click here.

Video is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of content on the web. People watch TV on their big screens, computers, laptops, tablets, and phones, so it’s no surprise that webpages with videos get hits as well. Although we all aspire to have shiny, professionally produced videos, just having one makes a webpage more likely to be viewed than a page on a similar subject with no video.

Apparently, Google thinks so too. A video makes a page 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google results than text-only pages. Here’s why: people will click on a website with videos, and sites that have more click-throughs are deemed higher quality pages, and therefore will have a higher ranking in search results.

From a marketing perspective, that means that it’s in your favor to add a video to your page.

But don’t just put any video on your page. Although videos draw people to a page initially, what keeps people coming back again and again is the quality of your content. They’ll watch your video once, but are more likely to watch a second video made by you, follow your new content and bookmark your page if the information you give truly adds something to their lives.

So what should your video be about? Here’s something to think about – over 80 per cent of the videos in Google search results are informational videos, as opposed to videos that are purely sales-based, which rank lower. People want quality goods, and they dislike being sold to.

Consider where you will host your video. Will you post it to your own website? Although this will allow you more control – you will retain sole rights to your video – but consider uploading it onto one or more video search engines, such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Metacafé, and Vimeo. This may result in more hits for your video and for your page, as people will stumble across your work, and considering that 80 per cent of Google’s video results are from YouTube, it really works.

Give your website the best opportunity to be top-listed by Google – stack your video with key words and phrases, give your video a descriptive and relevant name, make use of the closed captioning feature, and consider putting your video on as many sites as possible.

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