We’ve got fantastic news for you! Google’s Algorithm

Lately, we’ve been discussing Google’s algorithm change… that is poised to cause a LOT of trouble for practitioners.

(if you haven’t heard yet, click the link below to get the inside scoop at our blog: http://bit.ly/1bormdu)

Like most potentially-hazardous situations, though… there’s a way you can turn this around to BENEFIT you instead. Allow me to explain.

In this case… while it’s true that, starting on April 21st, anyone who doesn’t have a “mobile-friendly” website will begin to see a drop in visitors to their website (and therefore a drop in new clients)…

… anyone who HAS a mobile-friendly website will get the opposite.

Internet researchers are already seeing the effects spread around the world. It takes time for Google’s Algorithm  to change how they rank all websites, but the process started April 21, 2014.

Less than half of small businesses have a mobile friendly website. So most of your competition on Google will no longer rank after this change goes through.

Meaning you will surge towards the top and receive more website visitors (and therefore receive more new clients)…

… IF you are one of the few small business owners savvy enough to get a mobile-friendly website

So, depending on how you handle this, this could be one of the biggest problems you face this year… or provide a springboard to your greatest period of success.

If you need help with this change… so you can take advantage of this opportunity to prosper… We offer free 20 minute consultations for practitioners.

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time in a day to talk to everyone. But we make an effort to talk to as many as we can.

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I wish you all the best in life.

Beverly Taylor

P.S. Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? You can use Google’s free testing tool to find out. You can find it by clicking the link below.