Do You Know Your Holistic Marketing Niche?

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What is a holistic marketing niche and why do you need to create the perfect one for your business?


The Urban Dictionary defines niche as:


A position or activity that particularly suits somebody’s talents and personality or that somebody can make his or her own. An area of the market specializing in one type of product or service.


A niche is a carefully created area that markets YOUR unique genius (whether in a product or services) to the exact targeted tribe that is looking for YOUR solution.  Many times as holistic business owners and practitioners we try to offer solutions for every issue under the sun.  Yes, for example hypnosis can help with a myriad of issues; however, crafting a specific niche within hypnosis sets you a part and will result in a more successful business.


In Holistic Marketing, it is vital to make yourself stand apart so that you can be SEEN.  Crafting a specific niche allows you to be seen by the right people – the ones that are hungry for your solution.  Understand that you still have the ability of working in other sub niches; however, crafting your genius niche can cause your marketing to have a greater impact and find your business succeeding beyond your imagination.


How do you craft your niche?

  1. What are the problems you are a genius at uniquely solving?
    • What is the pain that your target client is experiencing? If you want to help others, you must understand their pain.
    • What problems does your target client experience?
    • What do they fear?
    • What limits their potential?


The key here is to really figure out what problem your unique services/product solve and who has that problem.


  1. Who is your target client?
    • Who is hungry specifically for your solution?
    • Male/Female?
    • Business owner, mom, spouse, in a relationship?


The key here is to craft the perfect target client discovering where they are in life to focus your marketing.  Be specific.  Mothers is a niche, but a better niche is mothers whose children under the age of two are facing depression and anxiety issues.


  1. What does your target client “look” like when they have solved their problem?
    • Are they balanced, centered, grounded?
    • Are they living without fear and anxiety? What does that look like?
    • Are they financially free from money issues? What does that look like?


The key here is to really get descriptive of what life looks like when the problem is solved.  What are the possibilities?


Having the target client with their problem visualize, knowing the perfect solution and what their life will look like not only is the beginning of crafting your specific niche, but is a powerful way to discovering your true passion.


Crafting a great niche will take you where you want to go in your business by:


  • Focusing upon your genius and passion
  • Discovering the clients who have the problem you specifically solve AND are hungry for YOUR solution
  • Is crafted uniquely to YOU and thus is a one-of-a-kind niche
  • Easily evolves into multiple specialty services


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