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How To Use The Right Attitude To Attract The Right Client

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“Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.” – Henry David Thoreau

A quote from this famous author, Thoreau, stands for more than mere inspiration. It stands for truth. Yes, I realize this might be a bit extreme for the purpose of marketing. However, it applies to even the business side of life. Thoreau is accurate in a business sense when he emphasizes simplicity in our lives.  And, by striving to stray away from the beaten path and offering your unique offer, you learn to do the specific things that attract the right client.

Operating a Business According to Your Life Purpose

Every individual lives by a certain set of personal standards, whether they be positive or negative. Those standards, as I like to believe, represent a level of quality. Often times those same personal standards tie into our businesses. Someone with high standards will in turn produce high quality goods/services. And, it is by following positive, uplifting business standards that you attract the right client.

You might notice how often I tend to reference the famous Apple Inc. story.  However, it deserves reference. The company stands for quality and precision. Steve Jobs studied calligraphy in college because he had a standard of creativity and detail. He then translated this personal standard of creativity into his professional career. When you look at an Apple iPhone you might notice the beautiful design yet complex interior; everything about it represents Jobs’ demand for high quality.

So what does this all lead to? Your business and your marketing approach.

Modern day consumers demand functionality along with elegance and quality when they invest in products/services. If you are going to be successful in today’s marketplace, then it is imperative that you incorporate your personal beliefs/standards into your own business.

Be brave!It is a beautiful thing when a passion and a career intertwine. There would be nothing better than to get up in the morning andenjoy going to work. When people notice passion behind your work, they consider investing more heavily in you and your offers.

Attracting the RIGHT Customers

The goal of your business or marketing strategy is to help people solve their problems and turn a profit.  To do this, seek out those customers that align with your mission. Live out a career that is true to your personal standards. Choosing to travel the road less traveled (your personal standards) does have value.  Find the emotional security to live by your standards and find great satisfaction in your life and business activities.

Remember, you don’t want to attract every single person to your marketplace. If you reach too far then people will lose trust in your brand and try to be all things to all people, will lose those the customers that mean the most. Instead, have confidence in your personal standards and the right customers will follow.

Think of your business and marketing approach as a community or a family. Every person is different so you don’t want every single person to be a part of your customer segment. Seek out those who share your same beliefs and truly believe in your mission.

I want to let this topic marinate a bit, as it is one that needs to be explored and taken very seriously. This is not only a successful marketing practice, but a recipe for a happy life as well. Don’t sacrifice your personal standards for another dollar.  There is value elsewhere.

How Do You Problem Solve and Be There for Your Market? 
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