Where To Look To Find Your Target Audience

How do you know where to look to find your target audience? I’ll write this blog post explaining that idea by telling you a story. So it’s important to read all the way through to understand what you need to do to know where to look to find your target audience.

A father, Bill, walked into a grocery store wanting to buy some unpopped popcorn. You see, his wife sent him to the store. She was preparing snacks for their child Jimmy’s birthday party. Jimmy wanted popcorn and the cupboards simply were empty of this treat.

In our story, the target audience is Jimmy. And dear old Dad is looking to make Jimmy happy by buying unpopped popcorn.

Bill thought to himself now where would unpopped popcorn be shelved in this store? Thinking like a man who wants to figure stuff out on his own, he first looked in the wrong place…where the store shelved beverages. When he was thinking the way he thought, he was NOT thinking like his target audience, Jimmy. He was simply doing things the way that made sense to Bill. Have you been doing this in your marketing? Forgetting to think the way your audience thinks so you can give them your product or service in a way that makes sense to your target audience? If so, you are merely doing what many other business owners do. The best they can do but often missing their successful marketing mark. Let’s continue with the story…

As Bill was strolling up and down the beverage aisle, he was thinking “snacks” and things that go with snacks. It seemed logical to Bill to look for unpopped popcorn with beverages. But that was a different thought pattern than the store managers. So, Bill had to keep looking. And it took him a lot longer to achieve his goal because he didn’t think to ask for help first to quickly get Billy what he wanted.

Think Like Your Target Audience to FIND Your Target Audience

This is the first point to know where to look to find your target audience. You must know how to THINK the same way as your target market or audience to attract the right people to your amazing product and solution. In other words, you must really KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.

A Target Audience Is Made Up Of People Who Think In Their Own Specific Way

When you think the same way as your target audience, this knowledge helps you connect deeply with your ideal prospect. In our story, Bill thought to look in a different place than the actual location of where the store managers shelved unpopped popcorn. And, he wasn’t thinking like Jimmy, either. He just kept doing the best he could do without asking for help.

In other words, the WAY you think must be the SAME way your target audience thinks in order for you to know where to find your target audience. This may require some training on your part but it will pay big dividends if you take the time to get the training or coaching you need to more effectively and quickly connect with your ideal prospects.

If you and your ideal prospects are thinking the same ideas, you will find situations, activities and relationship scenarios that most commonly bring together you with your ideal prospects. Let’s get back to our story…

What Does Your Ideal Prospect Really Want?

In our story, Bill was focused on what HE wanted…unpopped popcorn for Jimmy in the place Bill thought it should be shelved. He didn’t really care about the brand of available unpopped popcorn. He didn’t even care how it was packaged. He simply wanted unpopped popcorn. He was so focused on getting what he wanted, he started to stroll up and down the store aisles looking for the most likely place he would find what he wanted. And he was complaining under his breath about how the store management were stupid for not shelving the popcorn in a place logical to Bill. This only served to frustrate Bill and delay him achieving his goal.

Because Bill is a man, he likes to feel like a winner. If he isn’t winning, he feels like a loser. And that just drives men to great frustration. They don’t like to ask for directions because that might publicly “prove” they are losers to be unable to figure things out for themselves. Only as a last resort will they ask for directions when they are lost.

And that’s what eventually happened for Bill. He knew his wife wanted him back home quickly so he could help her with Jimmy’s birthday party. She wanted help which is something that women like…to be supported when they ask for help. Are you getting some interesting ideas about taking the time and knowing the importance of really knowing the difference between selling to a man and selling to a woman? You really do need to know how men think differently from women and vice versa to help them solve their problems.

So as Bill started thinking about helping his wife, he stopped wasting his time (because he was feeling like a loser) and asked a store employee where the store had shelved the unpopped popcorn. And, it turned out to be in a place that seemed logical…in the snacks aisle. But Bill needed to be educated on how that store laid out its products. And this is true for you, too, as a business owner. You need to educate your prospects on what you offer, the situations, activities and relationship scenarios that would best apply to your specific product and service.

How Do You Educate Your Prospects To Know Your Offer Is What They Want?

You write blog posts, articles, create videos, do webinars about accident, find best work injury lawyers los angeles and basically take the time to market to them in various ways. Why market using so many different methods of getting your message across to them? Because people think in 4 basic ways. They think in logic (words, systems, plans); comparative analysis (numbers, symbols, processes, critical analysis); mind images (videos, slide shares, photographic stills, clip art); and they think in FEELINGS. When your marketing message causes people to FEEL like you really want to help them, you connect on a very important level. Taking all these things into consideration is how you know where to look to find your target audience.

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