What makes a business successful?

There are a few areas in starting out in business for yourself that will set you up to FAIL or SUCCEED.  Preparation and Mindset.  The dream of becoming successful – your vision – is only possible if you prepare and you have the right mindset.  These two things alone cause more than 99% of every new business to fail.


Your mindset is the foundation of whether you are building a prosperous and successful business.  Your mindset will determine your passion, your mission, your vision, your ethics, and ultimately the results.

In the holistic market, for most, our primary passion and vision is to make the world a better place to live.  (See our recent article on Crafting Your Own Niche).  Whether we are helping others to create a healthy lifestyle or providing products for conscious living, it is a service to the world and those who live in it.

Having that underlying mission and vision is not enough if you want to be successful.  You must have the mindset that building your business is a product of planning and continuous effort in a conscious direction.  You must prepare yourself for the long haul.

Perhaps one of the most important and often forgotten aspects of a successful business is integrity.  Integrity mindset allows your business to grow, develops a loyal customer base, and will help you as person develop.  As holistic practitioners it is vital that we are honest and open with those we serve, our teams, and with our business partners.  Read our article of Spiritual Marketing Code)



There are various aspects of preparation and strategic planning that must be part of any successful business.  In this article we are going to focus on teamwork and adaptability.  The successful preparation for any business must begin with your determining what part of the business you will want day to day control over and what part of the business you want to either hire others to do or outsource (See our recent article on outsourcing).


To be a successful business owner, you need a team.  You need a team around you that offer you support, provide knowledge, and help you execute your plan.  This is not necessarily employees.  Think about your automobile.  You drive it, put gas in it and maintain it.  Do you make the gas – no?  For most even the maintenance is taken to someone else on the team – your mechanic.  You own the car – just like your business – but you have a team that supports you.

There are multiple types of teams, from the internal employees to the external outsourcers.  Having a great team around you is vital to your success as a business owner.  (Read Why Partnerships in Marketing work)


Everything changes.  This includes your business and the needs of your business.  Owning your own business is never a static endeavor.  Being adaptable means that you can respond to changes and circumstances in a way that allows your business to be seen as strong and viable.

This includes your team.  Anyone on your team needs to be adaptable to change and grow with your business.  Having a team around you that in competent is vital.  Competence is having the knowledge and the experience that allows change to be a fluid process.  It is perhaps the number one reason why business’ struggle and ultimately fail.  Not having a team that is competent to shift with the business owner as circumstances change.

There are many pieces to having a successful business, especially when you face the unique challenges of a holistic business.  Holistic Hub Websites & Marketing understands your unique needs as we have each been right where you are.  Business owners striving to have a successful practice.  Let our Practitioner Advocates give you a 20 minute FREE consultation to see how we may be able to assist YOUR company by partnering with us.

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