Making Your Blog Posts Evergreen

Have you ever heard of writing blog posts so that the content applies no matter the time of year you publish them? That’s the concept behind evergreen marketing. When you write evergreen blog posts, they are timeless classics. In other words, they stand the test of time. When you write evergreen blog posts, you write to share reliable, dependable, trusted content no matter what time of the year you publish the posts.

Why Do You Want to Use Evergreen Blog Posts in Your Marketing Content?

Do you know how to use a hammer? Do you know for what reasons you use a hammer? Probably. And do you need to use a hammer seasonally? No, you can use a hammer whenever you need to pound a nail in to a piece of wood no matter when you need to do this task.

Evergreen blog posts are a lot like that. When you write content that can be used throughout the year, you can re-use the content in, let’s say, an e-course.   Or as a giveaway when you’re doing a radio interview.   If you write blog posts and other content in an evergreen format, you can get a lot of mileage out of one blog post.

Suppose you want to write a course on how to write SEO formatted content. You could write articles or blog posts on the topic and refer to that blog post or article in your e-course. This means you don’t have to write that content more than once. This saves you time, money and in some cases, prevents you from being bored. Talking about basics again and again can get boring and tedious for you but for a beginner it’s necessary information that may make all the difference in the world to their understanding an important concept.

Evergreen Blog Posts Are Efficient

When you get in the habit of writing in evergreen ways, the content you write can be used repeatedly. This is helpful for new clients. This content re-use saves you time, money, and frustration when you want to share helpful information with new clients. Or, as a review for an important concept for people who need a refresher on the information.

For example, in your business you may need to explain a process. Imagine being able to have an evergreen blog post to refer to, or an ebook to refer to, instead of needing to repeatedly write out that process. That’s a real benefit of using evergreen blog posts. The information is there to regularly be relied on but you only have to share a link after publishing it once.

This can apply to videos and audios, too. Think about the products and services you create. When you have processes that stay relatively the same no matter when someone may need to understand that content, by referring clients or customers to a blog post or book you’ve already written, you free yourself up for other business activities. Using evergreen blog posts is simply working smart.

Do You Convey A Certain Signature to Your Blog Post Content?
When you brand your blog posts with evergreen characteristics, people come to know your beliefs. Humans like consistency. So, if you write blog posts in a certain evergreen style, that helps you brand your blog posts. When you write according to your brand you are writing in an evergreen way.

Your Evergreen Blog Post Brand

Did you know the theme you use to write website content could be a part of your evergreen blog post brand strategy? When you write your website content in a predictable yet useful evergreen way you subconsciously help your readers feel comfortable reading your familiar way of sharing expertise. Your writing becomes a reference or a resource for your expertise. This helps build trust in what you have to say. Your market wants to know the truth to have the best. So this is another reason to write in an evergreen, branded way concerning your blog posts.

Season Blog Posts

When you create evergreen content such as blog posts, ebooks, articles, audios or videos or physical products, the content is different than seasonal content. It takes time and commitment to share your expertise with your target market. When you write something in a seasonal format, it is only usable for a particular time period. Compared to evergreen content that is often useful forever, seasonal blog posts or advertising can be time and cost ineffective.


You either can write blog posts and other website content in a seasonal format or in an evergreen format. I believe the latter is the best way you share your expertise making your information good for beginning business owners through the experts. What do you think?

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