How to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts Toward The Right Client

Last week I listened to two children, obviously embroiled in sibling rivalry, over which movie would be chosen to watch on TV. The interesting thing is that both boys wanted to watch the same movie. They just wanted to watch it for different reasons. It reminded me of how important it is to maximize your marketing efforts in business. One major key to maximizing marketing efforts is understanding the importance of promoting your valuable product or service in the most meaningful WAY to your market segment most interested in what you offer. This is how you get into the mind of your market to help them the most. Here’s the story that unfolded to help me understand that people want to be helped in a specific way that makes sense to them…

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts ByPresenting Your Offer In The Right Way

The two boys, Allen the oldest one and Eddie the younger one, wanted to see the movie Finding Nemo. Allen wanted to see it because he was controlling. He liked to be in charge.It seemed as long as he felt some sense of control over the movie choice, he was happy.

Eddie also wanted to be in control. So, he was also happy about having a sense of control but in a different viewpoint than did his brother.

“Fish are cool the way they can swim away fast from bullies. The bully fish can’t catch the rest of the happy little fish.” claimed Eddie.

“Big fish are cool because they can eat the little fish. Just because they can… Nobody gets in the way of the big fish. No one can boss big fish around.” insisted Allen.

A sense of control seemed to be what motivated both boys to watch the same movie. One because he likes being in control and the boss. The other one likes being in control of managing bullies.

Agreement For Different Reasons Means Unique Subniche Marketing

When somebody agrees with you, you are speaking each other’s language. But, in marketing, it can mean changing your marketing efforts to help subniches see the value in your product from different viewpoints.

In our marketing story, there is no need to convince the boys of watching the same movie. They both want to see the same movie but for different reasons. How often does this happen with your marketing offers? Have you paid attention to the different conversion rates in your marketing efforts when the REASONS for using your solution to someone else’s problem are effectively subniched in your marketing materials? It can make a big difference.

Define And Describe The Emotional Drivers For Your Niche and Subniches

It’s necessary to define and describe clearly who your target market is. If the Allen’s and Eddie’s of your list convert differently, have you created the stats to see which one converts better? How many MORE people can you help be happy in life by speaking their language in your marketing copy? Doing this research is a great way to maximize your marketing efforts.

Is There Research Showing Basic Reasons Clients and Customers Buy?

The human brain actually categorizes by viewpoints reasons to believe an idea. They can be broken into 4 basic categories. Consider this when maximizing your copy write efforts Here are the 4 basic categories:

  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Get favorable attention for contributing/performing
  • Be cooperative and accepted for who you are

When you write your marketing copy to address the most appropriate viewpoint to your target audience, you maximize your marketing efforts. Lots of research has been done on the brain’s dominant way of interpreting life. For further information on this, check out the book called The Creative Brain by Ned Herrmann. It is a fascinating book!

Write your important marketing message to your target audience in the way they want it. When you convey your message, it is necessary to use words that inspire and support the beliefs of your ideal audience. I like to use a great online reference for writing marketing copy. This is also a list novel writers use for creative writing. Check out this reference now to see what I mean:

I like how this website is laid out. When you need to find some words that help you convey your marketing message, there are many words here to help you say what you really want to say. The more descriptive your message, the more engaging it is for those who read your marketing message.

If prospects and customers are deeply interested in the problem your product or service solves, it must be creatively conveyed in your copy. How does your product or service apply to situations where your product or service is used? Convey how your offer improves personal “use value” to your end users in your marketing efforts. Marketing has to be all about helping others. So make sure to describe how life is better, easier, more productive, accurate, efficient, more attention getting or endearing and you’ve significantly helped people see why your offers are superior to your competitors. Help the Allens and Eddies in your life who need your solution to their problem. This will make the world a better place for them!

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts by Sharing One Core Belief With Your Market

Your ideal prospect sharesat least one main core belief you also believe. Write your marketing copy from THAT main viewpoint and share it with your market with the intention of helping them solve a specific problem. You may even start a movement with it. This will create fans of this core belief. This is another way you can maximize your marketing efforts.

Start a movement for your products and services. When people see how to “stamp out” some injustice or solve a problem that means something significant to them, they see you as a business friend to them. And that’s what running your business is all about…helping others improve the quality of their life!

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