Problem Solve using your Business Solution

Think of a time when, while cooking, you needed to use a measuring cup.  To successfully cook, broil, grill, bake, etc., a scrumptious goodie, you HAD to have a measuring cup.  Now suppose that you sell cooking utensils and equipment.  Cooking utensils and equipment is a business solution for cooks.  When you show the useful application of your business solution to your customers’ life situations, you problem solve using your business solution.  When you show you can solve a customer’s problem better than anything or anyone available, you position yourself as THE expert to hire.

Your Business Solution Saves The Day!

Continuing with our cooking example, suppose you needed a measuring cup to exactly measure milk for a macaroni and cheese recipe…but you didn’t have one.  Now, you are experiencing the “pain” of having to approximate your cooking ingredients.  You worry that it will turn out wrong.  If it turns out wrong, you may have wasted the ingredients.  And who can afford to waste food in this day and age?

Your business solution, in this case measuring cups, saves the day for those who cook. When you solve a problem for those who trust you to be there for them, you also help them to successfully achieve personally meaningful goals.  When your clients and customers are able to achieve goals, because they believed in and bought your business solution, you prove to them your trustworthiness.


Building A Relationship Takes Time and Effort

When you take the time to show how your business solution applies to a certain life situation that affects or influences your customers and clients, they feel grateful for your attention.  In other words, when you invest the time to connect through social media, blog posts, public networking demonstrations and presentations, etc., you are confirming that you believe in your business solution.  This follow through is actually something that sets you apart in the business world.  When you invest the time it takes to build your business relationships, your fans see you as a caring, dependable, reputable company.

Clients and customers LOVE to know you are in business so you can be there for them.  By tirelessly staying in contact with your customers, clients and connecting with new prospects introducing and providing your business solution to their problems, you make your company known as a trustworthy company that follows through.  It’s always a great idea to deliver on what you promise. That can help you stay in business for a long time.

What Problem Does Your Business Solution Solve ForYour Market?

What problemdo you solve for your target market?  What have you been doing to show how your product or service solves a problem of significant importance to your target market?  Here are some things you can do to show you are an expert at solving your target market’s problems –

  • Provide brief videos and publish them on YouTube to help your customer’s problem go away or at least be manageable.
  • Write them emails that share stories and experiences of other customers and how your product or service helped make life better for them.
  • Use social media and share snippets of how your product or service solves your market’s problem.

How Do You Problem Solve and Be There for Your Market? 
Share with us how you support your market by solving their problems.  Please contact us with your best stories.  We love to hear from you!  Call us on (408) 992-5529 or email me at [email protected]