Referral marketing – what is it?

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Referral marketing – what is it?

People talk – especially when they feel strongly about something. And when they are especially happy or unhappy with your business and the service or product they received, they are more likely to spread the word about you and your company.

Welcome to the world of referral marketing. It’s just what it sounds like – it’s business that you get from new clients that comes to you by word of mouth, or by referrals, as opposed to getting business through advertising. It can work for you or against you, so let it work for you.

You can’t stop people from talking about you. But you can influence what they are going to say. That’s why it’s important to do the very best job possible every single time, and to make sure your customer is always satisfied – even if it means costing you more money for extra effort or going above and beyond.

In the old days, referral marketing was just about people talking and spreading the word. These days, in the advent of online referral marketing, it’s a bit more complicated. Social media is one way that people are spreading the word. By simply clicking “share” and by “liking” your business on Facebook, or retweeting one of your posts, clients are getting on side with your business – and showing all of their friends that they have patronized your business, and that they had a good experience. It may be a simple action, but it has a big impact – especially when their friends are looking for the same service and remember that they’ve already seen your company name.

Even business cards are offering rewards for people who will refer you. Once just little pieces of paper with your name, they now provide a way to track a sale, thanks to QR codes. The code, printed on your personal business card, can be given to potential clients. When that client takes advantage of your offer, they get a discount from your company – and you get linked with the sale. That’s another time that referral marketing is a win-win situation.

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