Using Visual Content For Your Holistic Practice’s Effective Internet Marketing

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For effective internet marketing, your holistic website needs to be interactive. While an all-text website can also be informative, it only spells out one thing: boring. Put yourself in a potential client’s shoes. Would you be interested to browse through a website which contains only a pile of words? Or would you be more responsive to a website with colorful pictures and videos? No doubt that your answer is the latter.


Having visual content makes your website more appealing and informative. With an image or even just a short clip, you can already explain an idea worth a thousand words. Likewise, visual content provides a clearer perspective than written web content. If you feel that your website needs a little hint of life and color, maybe it’s about time that you make use of visual content. As you make this change, here are some tips on how to effectively use visual content on your website:


Use clear images and videos. Make sure that you are using high quality content which are appealing to your potential clients’ eyes. Posting blurry images and videos will only discourage your potential clients. It will only create an impression that you are unprofessional and they will question your credibility. Not to mention, blurry visuals are an eyesore. Instead of enlightening your potential clients about the services and products that you offer, you add to their pains by giving them a headache.


Use relevant visuals. There are some websites who use visuals that have no relevance to the products and services that they are promoting. These choices are commonly triggered by the website owner’s personal preferences. No matter how appealing an image or a video might be to you, if it has no relation to the whole theme of your website or to the rest of your website’s content, then it has no business of being a part of your website.


Consolidate your visuals with a caption or a brief description. Although visual content proves to be more attractive than written content, words can make them even more effective. By adding brief captions or descriptions to images and videos, potential clients get a better understanding of the products and services that you are promoting. There are also some instances wherein clients cannot fully grasp your visuals. Without a caption or a brief description to explain, they only get a vague idea of what you are trying to convey. Without a full knowledge of what you are promoting bästa bredband, potential clients can easily get discouraged creating a loss for your practice.


With the proper use of visual content you can drive a healthy amount of traffic to your website. Take a second look at your holistic website. Does it need a dose of creativity? Avail of our 20 minutes of free consultation or download our free e-book. With our help, you will learn how to use visual content for effective internet marketing.