Why be an affiliate?

There are all kinds of motivational, inspirational stories out there on the power of one. We’ve all heard the story about the business that one person started from the ground up, and made into an international success with support or recommendations from others.

In reality, such stories are few and far in between. Businesses really do thrive and have a better chance at success when they are supported by their peers, and others in the industry. This is where affiliates come in.

An affiliate business is a business that is attached to a larger body. By attaching your smaller business to a larger one, you are raising your own profile, accessing a larger audience (and therefore a larger potential customer base) and if you attach yourself to the right large business, you are also making yourself look more credible and trustworthy.

Think about it – which business would you support: a small, new business that you have never heard of, and that nobody has recommended, or a small business that has been linked with and recommended by a larger one? You would go with the one that has been connected with another business, of course. That’s because it automatically comes with a guarantee, of sorts – you know that it’s been tried and tested and has a larger business to back it up.

Being affiliated with a larger business also gets your name out there. You can piggyback on the marketing and communications of a larger business with a bigger budget, at little, minimal or sometimes no cost to your own business. There are benefits to this, money aside. Being connected to a larger business can lend credibility to your own burgeoning small business, as well as a sense of security for your customers.

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