Article Internet Marketing
Article Internet Marketing For Beginners: Content Marketing Fast and Easy

Keywords and keyword phrases are just words or a word phrase. Often the term “keyword” includes phrases. Keyword phrases are also called keyphrases, long tail keywords or long tail keyword phrases. I prefer to use the term Keyword to mean both single and multiple words.

Bottom line, keywords are words and phrases that the search engine analyzes for their indexes and what people type into the search engine to find the information they want. Examples of keywords are: gardening, organic gardening, herb garden, gardening tips, gardening supplies.

In this usage, what is important is how often the word or phrase was searched in search engines, such as Google. In other words, how often did people type into Google that word or word phrase to find the information they are looking for.

So if I am writing about antique furniture, if I use ‘old’ as a keyword, it wouldn’t work so well as I would get people searching for old hats, old dogs, etc. Yet I could use a keyword phrase of ‘old furniture’ if it ranks well in the search engine listings.

Keywords, in this usage, has little to do with the older copywriting concept of a key word or phrase in the article. Think of it as that humans do not read keywords initially. It’s all about how people will search the internet and find the article, so the computer reads it first.

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Content is Queen
Content Is Queen, Google Is King

Content is Queen, Google is King, and the King Loves the Queen: Easy and Essential Content Strategy


‘Content’ is the marketing and educational words that businesses write and post for public viewing. More recently, content also includes images and videos, especially their file names. Content may be blog posts, videos, articles, or website pages.


If you notice, large corporations are beginning to write more and more information on their websites and social media marketing. In fact, 30% of large corporations’ marketing is now content marketing.

Corporations provide content because not only do readers like the information, but Google rewards websites that have a lot of quality, unique content. Among other criteria, Google ranks websites higher if they add new content on an ongoing basis.

How can a small business do the same as the large corporations? This ebook explains how to do what’s essential, both easily and effectively.


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Ebook Writing
Ebook Writing for Beginners: Content Marketing Fast and Easy

The internet has definitely dramatically changed the way we do things. Today, instead of driving to our local bookstore, we open our computers, surf the net, and buy downloadable ebooks online. As more and more people are buying electronic books due to the convenience they bring, there is now a huge demand for these information products. If you are a writer and you are more than willing to share your specialized knowledge to online users, you can make a fortune out of this endeavor.

Creating your own products is by far the best way to make money online. If you don’t have the resources yet to create physical products, you can start with digital or information base products like ebooks. By going this route, you will not need huge amount of money for your initial investment and you can write about any topic that you are very passionate about as long as they have a viable market online.

Ebook writing can be your key to succeed online. You can use these electronic books as your traffic-generating tools, sell them for profits, use them to establish your expertise on your chosen niche, or help your potential customers by giving them free information so they will become loyal to you. With numerous benefits that these information products can offer you, you must seriously include ebook writing in your internet marketing to-do list.

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