Marketing is Complex

Marketing is Complex – Do you have a Plan?

Marketing is complex – do you have a plan? It’s one thing to do marketing for your company or small business. It’s quite another to have a plan.

Placing an ad, making social media posts, writing a communications blog, issuing a media advisory or press release, or working with another company to put on a promotion can all be considered to be marketing efforts. Each effort can also be made independently of each other.

A marketing plan is a blueprint which outlines an organization’s efforts. The marketing plan can function from two points: strategy and tactics. In most organizations, strategic planning is an annual process, covering one to three – or even more – years ahead. The marketing plan’s efforts are not individual – they all work in conjunction with each other, and support each other. They are all thought out well in advance and are done for good reason.

Even social media posts, designed to look spur-of-the-moment and up-to-the-minute, are often planned well in advance. Both Facebook posts and tweets on Twitter can be pre-written and scheduled to post at certain times when traffic from its target audience is known to be at its highest.

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is not investing in a designated marketing specialist or marketing and communications department. They just allow each department take care of their own social media initiatives, or marketing budget, which is shocking. You wouldn’t let just anyone handle your accounting, so why let a non-specialist handle your marketing? A marketing plan, executed by a money counters marketing specialist who knows the current trends and patterns, is essential to the success of an overall business plan.

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