Why did you become a Holistic Practitioner?

Most Holistic Practioners got into their business for the same reason:  They all have a strong desire to help other people. Does that sound like you?

Holistic Hub Websites & Marketing Services was created for the very same reason:  We want to help Holistic Practitioners FIND the people who want and need their help.

Unfortunately, the Holistic Practitioner business, IS a business, and in order STAY in the business of helping other people you need to continue to FIND those people in need.

They deliver a new phone book to my house every year, and I use it too! One of the doors in my house isn’t hung quite properly. It swings open and blocks my walkway, but that phone book keeps that door out of my path. It’s a good thing that they give me a new one every year because that old one gets dusty after a year.

I simply don’t know what I would do if they quit delivering that free promotional newspaper every Wednesday! What would I use to catch the drips on my next painting project?

I’m sure that you get the picture. The old ways of promoting your business through newspaper and phone book advertisements simply don’t work any longer! Nobody uses them anymore. Millions of newspaper publishers have simply – gone out of business.

Currently, 90% of the population uses the internet when they need to find a product or service, and 60% of them search on a mobile device!

Later, we’ll talk more about how all of Holistic Hub Websites are “Mobile Friendly” so the people who need you can easily read your website on their phone or tablet, and WHY that is so critically important to your business.

Having a great website is simply NOT ENOUGH for people to find you on the internet.  Fortunately we not only offer you a great website, we offer you the marketing services that will get YOUR website FOUND on the internet!

We offer different Website/Marketing Services Packages to fit your specific needs & budget. Our services can include:

Social Media

Social Media is one of the critically important elements in establishing your “On-Line Presence” so that your website ranks higher in a Google search for your specialty. This work takes your time and saps your energy away from doing what Holistic Practitioners do best – Helping other people.

We can do that work for you! We will set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for you. Each month, our staff of writers can create and post for you: Facebook Posts andTwitter Tweets. Other social media platforms are available for an extra charge. The number of each is dependent upon the Website/Marketing Service package that you have selected.

All of our writers go through a stringent selection and testing process. They are chosen not only for their quality of writing, but also for their background, knowledge and experience in holistic practices.

Additionally, we create and install on your website the Social Media Buttons that link your website to your Facebook, Twitter & Google+ pages for your prospective clients to read information about your profession and specialties.

If you have a YouTube video, we can install it on your website so potential clients can see you, hear your voice, and feel your compassion for your craft.

At the click of a mouse, potential clients are viewing your posts & videos! You’re on your way to creating what the Internet marketing experts call – GOOGLE LOVE – that moves your website higher up in a Google Search!

Email Marketing

We will set up an integrated MailChimp email marketing system that includes a “lead magnet” or “free product” such as an ebook, an audio recording, or a video that is related to your profession to attract new clients.

The lead magnet is followed up by seven additional pre-written messages in a “Drip Marketing” campaign. Every month our writers create new emails for you that will be automatically sent out for you. This “Automation” as MailChimp refers to it is normally referred to as an “autoresponder” in other systems. Holistic Hub is not interested in “re-inventing the wheel” with email campaigns, we use the tried-and-true systems that get you results!

Can you feel your marketing workload getting lighter yet?

If you wish to use templates for email marketing, you will be responsible for either creating them or purchasing them separately.

Integrated Blog

Our staff of writers will create Unique Pre-Written Blog Posts for your specialty. For example: Acupuncture for Acupuncturists, Life Coaching for Life Coaches, etc. After your approval and/or editing, we will post them on the Blog Integrated on your website.

Your Blog posts are integrated directly into your WordPress based website to allow for organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which means when people do a Google search for keywords like “hypnotist San Jose, CA” it makes a connection to your website if you happen to be a hypnotist in San Jose, CA.

Can you hear your website’s Google rank clicking upwards yet?

Pre-Written Website Pages

Your website will be pre-populated with several pages. You may also provide the content for these pages as well if you prefer. For example a hypnotherapist could include pages such as: About Me (where you tell “your personal story”), About Hypnotherapy, Myths About Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy Sessions, Contact Me, then three of your specialties, such as Weight Loss Hypnosis, Smoking Cessation Hypnosis and Stress Relief Hypnosis. Finally, another page will have your store with products to sell. You of course, also have the option to provide or edit the text for these pages.

Can you imagine how much easier it is to create a website when you already have pre-written website pages?

Modern Website Design

Holistic Hub Websites provides a modern and visually compelling design that encourage visitors to explore and opt-in for capturing email addresses for future marketing.

Does your website look hoakie?

Does it look like the 12 year old kid from next door made it for you in-between eating pizza and playing video games?

Does your website have few or NO photos? Do you have the legal rights to use those photos?

Does your website look like “a whole bunch of words on a white background”? Messy?


Does your website look professional like the ones from large corporations or your bank?

Does your website convey a feeling or ambiance at a first glance?

Mobile Friendly

[wpsc_video source=”youtube” videoid=”3D4zzHgF1aY” width=”640px” height=”360px” border=”3px” color=”#155d09″ controls=”1″ autoplay=”0″]


Well, if you like the idea of STAYING in business, then you’ll probably care.

As you probably already know, an “algorithm” is a fancy name that somebody came up with for a “mathematical formula” used to calculate something.

In this case, it is Google, or as some refer to them “The Gods of the Internet”. On April 21, 2015 Google announced that they had changed their algorithm to favor “MOBILE FRIENDLY” websites.

MOBILE FRIENDLY websites are the ones that are EASY TO READ on your cell phone or tablet without having to scroll left and right to read the words. In essence, they LOOK like they were specifically designed to work on your phone. Well, that’s because they WERE specifically designed to work properly on your cell phone. They didn’t ACCIDENTALLY look great on your phone. Somebody made them that way! All of our websites are Mobile Friendly.

“Ah, what happens if my website is NOT Mobile Friendly?”

Well, let’s just say “You don’t want to fall out of favor with the Gods of the Internet”.

They bury your website many pages deep down in a search – where NO ONE CAN FIND YOU! Most people stop searching for a product or service at the end of the first page.

If you have a website online for several years, the chances are that it is NOT Mobile Friendly.

CLICK HERE to go to the Google webpage that will tell you if your current website is Mobile Friendly or not.

If you need any help. Call us at 408-992-5529. Ask for Beverly or Kevin.


A picture speaks a thousand words! Up to five photo sliders to compel visitors to explore and set an appointment with you! Please see the top of our home page to see what your home page could look like if you are unfamiliar with photo sliders.

We provide professional quality images for your photo slider, and we will give you access to the websites for you to search for more. One change is allowed without any additional fees. Our clients have access to the entire StockUnlimited catalog of hundreds of thousands of beautiful images at no additional cost. (Some other sites do charge for photos, which is your responsibility).

Testimonials Section

Collect testimonials from your clients and post them for prospective or return clients to see, to build confidence and credibility in you. We will add up to four testimonials, and you can add and change as many as you like.

Custom Colors and Fonts

You can select unlimited colors and hundreds of font styles prior to starting your website. One change of fonts or colors is allowed without any additional fees.

Online Contact Form

Website visitors have easy access to you through a friendly contact form, without requiring you to post your email address. This also captures their email address for future email marketing.

Website Search Box

Your website visitors can easily search through all your blog posts or pages for information by typing a word or phrase in the included search box.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website will be Search Engine Optimized at the level based on your offering,  so that you will be found by people who are suffering from specific conditions that you can help them with as well as folks who are simply searching for a practitioner like you. Basic SEO includes basic on-page SEO, which means pages, blog posts and products are optimized for the search engines, such as Google. If you have purchased an offering with social media, you will receive basic SEO benefits from that also.

Advanced SEO includes:

Item Activity
Business & Competitor Analysis Research Business aspects like Services, USP, Target Market & Competitors.
SEO Audit Report Provide an audit report showing initial and current SEO status.
Keyword Research & Strategy Research various relevant keyword sets to be utilized during the SEO campaign and evaluate current ranking status.
Title & Meta Tags Create SEO optimized Title & Meta Tags for individual pages, blog posts and products.
URL Structure URLs will be optimized according to each page.
Heading Tags Create new keyword rich heading tags.
Image Optimization Add keyword rich image tags.
Content Optimization Identify pages with missing/duplicate content. Embed relevant keywords for existing content.
Page Load Time Reduce page load time.
Internal Link Structure Add link titles.
Google Analytics Provide details about the website and its traffic.
Webmaster Implementation Create Webmaster account and verify the website.
Sitemap.xml Improves website indexing.
Broken Links Remove broken links or fix them.
W3C Errors Identify and remove coding errors for individual pages.
Link Popularity Create backlinks through diverse Off Page SEO activities such as Local Business Listings, Classified Ads, Video Distribution, High PR Web Directories, Press Releases, Popular Social Bookmarks, Blog Directories, RSS Syndication on ongoing basis.
Reporting Campaign Performance Monitoring – Crawl Errors, Indexed Pages, Google Page Rank, Keyword Rankings, Traffic.


Facebook Advertising and Retargeting are state of the art ways of attracting more clients. If you have ever gone to a website such as Amazon, and later noticed that an advertisement for the same product you were just looking at has suddenly popped up on a completely different website, you have just been introduced to retargeting. As most marketers understand, only about 2% of the traffic that visit your offer initially will actually make a purchase.

The purpose of retargeting is to actually give you the opportunity to connect with the other 98% that did not buy the first time. There is a specific technology that is used in order to deliver these advertisements wherever your potential clients may go on the Internet, a simple strategy that can help you make more money using the marketing strategy called retargeting.

eCommerce Store

A complete shopping cart is fully integrated with your PayPal account and/or merchant services credit card account.  We will help you set up Paypal if you don’t have an account yet, or refer you to a credit card processor. We will post up to 5 of your own products, which can include an item clients can use to pay for your services.

Products to Sell

We provide high value eBooks related to your profession, that you can sell on your website. These will provide a new income stream and also help you identify potential new clients.

Monthly New Products

We will add a new eProduct (ebook, audio or video) every month, creating increased opportunity to increase income you. The number of eProducts added per month depends on the offering you choose.

Social Media Posts/Month

We will upload social media posts based on industry standard timing, 5 days a week. In general, these social media platforms will be Facebook and Twitter. Other social media platforms are available for an extra charge. Creating videos for YouTube is your responsibility (unless you pay separately for this).

Monthly Email Marketing Campaign

Every month, we add emails for relationship building and to promote products, services, trainings or blog posts. If you wish templates to be used, you will be responsible for either creating them or purchasing separately. They need to be available to our staff five (5) days prior to emails being posted.

Edit Your Website Anytime

You can add, delete or edit blog posts and website pages anytime you want. We will show you how to do this on your own without customer service assistance. You will receive a tutorial document that shows you step by step how to do it.

Cancel Any Month

We are very confident that you will love our websites and marketing services. Each website is paid monthly in advance and you may cancel at any time without any additional fees.

Account Manager & Tech Support

You will get your own Account Manager (Practitioner Advocate) who will guide you through the getting started process. If you need technical help, you will have access to that via email and, depending on the offering, phone or Skype.

Call 408-992-5529 Now to get started!

A one-time setup fee covers gathering the information to create your custom website. The features vary by the package you select, but can include the items listed above. CLICK HERE to see which features correspond to each package.



Please note:  Google, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, StockUnlimited are all registered Trademarks