What We Provide

We are providing done-for-you website, blog and if chosen, social media, scheduler, and online store with products. See our Features and Benefits page to view details.

Here are the steps to take for you to receive your new website:

1. Choose Offering

Based on your needs and budget, you decide which offering level, Seedling, Bamboo, Sequoia or Leaf. See our Pricing page to view details.

2. Choose Purchase Method

Choose whether you want to purchase via PayPal or credit card.

3. Purchase Site and Monthly Subscription

You will be purchasing both the website Design & Setup and the Monthly Subscription.

4. Questionnaire

You will be sent a questionnaire, which you will complete and return to the Practitioner Advocate (PA). Then you set an appointment to review the questionnaire with the PA. The PA will then coordinate with you and our staff to set up your website and marketing services.

5. Final Website

The last step is for you to receive your new website!