Using SEO Improves Online Visibility

Ever heard the saying, “a big fish in a small pond?”  This phrase refers to being popular in a small group of peers.  But the Internet is a HUGE pond.  And to be popular here means you need to write blog posts readers find interesting, unique and helpful.   Make your content the “big fish” in the huge Internet pond.  This means that to get the best online visibility for your website, write interesting posts.  It will help you develop meaningful, long term business relationships.

Basic Online Visibility SEO Tips

One of the most basic ways to improve online visibility is by regularly writing and publishing relevant, compelling and informational blog posts on your site.  But writing for your blog requires you to do more than put words on the screen.  You must really speak the language of your target market in your posts.  Talk as if you know exactly what they are feeling And that you know how to effectively help them.   The best SEO does just that…clearly speaks the problem-solving language to your ideal prospect using words your ideal prospect uses.  Here’s an example of what I mean.

Suppose you help people naturally improve their self-esteem with  In your blog posts, if you speak hypercritically about their inability to just deal with past trauma, you are not speaking the language they need to hear from you.  So, speaking unfairly judgmental or hypercritically is the equivalent of very poor SEO.

Just the reverse is true to write using the most effective SEO.  In other words, you write encouraging and inspirational words in your blog posts.  This helps people with low self esteem see you as the expert to train or coach them in raising their self esteem.  Get the basic idea?  You need to convey your message that solves the problem and do it in a way they need to hear it.  This takes consistent practice; and you do that by regularly writing blog posts that really speak to their heart.

More Tips To Remember When Writing SEO Formatted Blog Posts

  • When writing your blog posts, vary your keywords. Keep the keywords in the niche category theme, but use variations of the keyword.
  • Focus your blog post on one main theme. Use the one main focus keyword in the post and other associated keywords, too.  Writing on one main topic automatically optimizes the page.
  • Do keyword research before you write the blog post. Pick keywords that are being searched but have low competition to them.
  • Write your keyword phrase in the page title, the meta description, in the tags and when possible, in the category.
  • Write compelling, relevant, unique blog post titles that stir interest in the topic.
  • Write a descriptive alt tag that contains your keyword phrase for your blog post image.
  • Get all the Google love you can by playing by the SEO rules without spamming your content. Spamming is where you excessively insert your keyword in your text.

Share with us some of your best online visibility tips.  We’d love to hear from you.  Please share your tips by email at [email protected]