How to Have Better, Genuine, Loving Customer Relationships

Imagine having peace of mind, happiness and true fulfillment in your business.  How do you get that?  By focusing your blog and website content on being a friend to customers.   What’s the easiest way to do that?  Telling them a complete, true story with a message that zeros in on value creation for your client or customer.

For example, there are two ways you can tell a story.  Focus on including lots of boring facts and details, be logical and practical and you are NOT building a good story that inspires your customer to see you as a friend.  So, you know the general way that repels customer friends.

The other way is to tell a compelling story that shows the person you are a friend.  You do this by showing the emotional value of doing something that really works to improve your customer’s life.  Using compelling stories cements your customer relationships because you write them from a perspective of genuinely caring to help customers.

Story Examples of Being a Friend to Customers

Some people just don’t understand the difference between sharing a compelling story that makes a real difference in a customer’s life and telling a boring story that puts your reader to sleep.  So here are two ways one story can be written of being a friend to customers.  See if you can figure out which one draws you in to want to DO something to improve your life.

This is a story about a company that sells services and products.

Version one:

Are you looking for affordable widget cleaning services and products? We sell widget cleaning services and products to make your life better.  Let’s face it, no one likes to have a dirty widget.  When your widget is dirty, it costs you more money, causes more frustration and generally makes life miserable than when you have clean widgets.  We are here to serve you and help you keep your widgets clean.  Contact us at Affordable Widget Cleaners.  Contact us right now and save 15%.  We LOVE cleaning widgets.  We want to clean YOUR widget!

Version two:

Are you a baby boomer taking care of an aging parent?  It’s a special time for you.  When you were a child, your parent’s took care of you.  They clothed you, cleaned you up when you were dirty or scraped your knee, fed you and kept your lovingly sheltered.  Those are happy memories, aren’t they?  And now it is your turn to return the favor your parents gave you as a child.  Some adult children just don’t get it, do they?  They don’t get that taking care of an aging parent is a gift…it’s an opportunity to create happy memories NOW, before your parents are no longer here.

Time is a limited commodity when it comes to taking care of your aging parents.  Their time is limited and precious with you, now.  When it comes to their care, make the most of it.  Make the time you spend with your aging parent a happy memory you can keep when they are long gone.

Affordable Widget

Do you see the difference between the two stories and how to have better genuine loving customer relationships?  The first story version is all about the business owner who sells widget cleaning products and services.  It is just like everyone else out there in business.

The second version tells a story that helps the customer feel complete.  The focus is NOT on making a sale.  It is on suggesting ways to help your customer live an important dream.  That is the customer’s focus…living a dream.  When you make living a customer dream YOUR focus, you tell a complete story that authentically helps your target market improve life quality.  And that is being a friend to customers.

When you writing marketing content, do NOT always make your message all about the sale.  In fact, that should be done, generally, the smaller amount of time you are writing to your customer.

Instead, help your clients and customers live their dreams.  Understand what is important to them and make their focus YOUR focus.  That content shows you are being a friend to customers.

The way you create value for your customer is to show them how to live their dreams  That is what they are genuinely happy doing.  Since you know that’s what they like to do, suggest ways that help them improve the quality of their life doing what they love.  That shows you’re genuinely being a friend to customers.

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