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Effective Optin Page Tips

You want subscribers to your website, right? Then, you’ve got to give prospects something they want so they will give you their email address. By giving you their email address prospects are saying they want to find out MORE about what you said in your CTA (Call To Action). You do this using a tool called an optin page.

On the optin page, prospects share their email address with you. Sounds easy, right? It is simple but it may not be that easy to get a prospect’s email address that is really interested in starting a relationship with you. After all, that’s what happens with those email addresses. You are going to become an internet pen pal of sorts.

Optin Page, Squeeze Page, Lead Capture Page, Landing Page

An optin page may be called many things. Maybe you’ve heard it called a squeeze page. When I think of the term “squeeze page,” I imagine the classic black and white Elliot Ness movies. You know the ones I mean? The “coppers” are squeezing information about of the bad guys. That all seems like such an unpleasant scene because that is NOT what you want to do with prospects. You are here to help improve the quality of their lives. You do that by asking for information not by trickery.

Maybe you’ve heard the term “landing page” interchangeably used for the term optin page. But when I think of that term my imagination strolls to World War II paratroopers landing on foreign soil.

And perhaps you’ve heard the term “lead page” also called an optin page. Now this is closest to what I’m thinking of when we talk about an optin page because the page is used as a lead generation tool. You are looking for a lead to connect with someone who is also interested in your subject matter expertise.

This blog post reveals some effective optin tips for times you need to create an optin page. Please feel free to use them for your own lead pages:

  1. When prospects arrive at your optin page, they are there because you created a CTA (Call to Action) that interested them. This means they are already interested in the topic related to and relevant to your CTA. Stay on topic target. Be honest and genuine in your desire to help solve the problem your prospect is currently experiencing.
  1. When you create content for your optin page, create a headline relevant to the topic expressed in your CTA. In the headline you are promising to help someone improve their quality of life or solve a serious problem.

Make the headline red and in a large font. Use either the word FREE or FREE and NEW in the headline. The word free is a powerful motivator in inspiring people to exchange their email address for more information that helps them solve their problem. Example headlines could be:

  • FREE Report Tells How To Lose Weight Naturally
  • FREE Report Reveals New Information on Naturally Eliminating IBS
  • FREE Report Exposes Flaws of Using ____________ in _____________
  1. Also publish CTA relevant, benefit oriented bullet points in the optin page. These bullet points emotionally connect your prospect to your offer. Your optin page’s overall theme MUST match what you said in your CTA. We are talking about ONE idea only. Examples:
  • Losing weight naturally eliminates the need for costly pills
  • Using natural methods for eliminating IBS is safer
  • Understanding what’s flawed about _______ gives you a real solution to _____________
  1. Your incentive offer needs to contain an “exclusive” element to it. It is something perceived as valuable to your prospects that is ONLY available from you.
  • Our proprietary research exposes the real secrets to permanent weight loss
  • We are the first company to reveal this landmark information available only to our customers
  • We are paying it forward to you exposing the flaws of Using ____________ to manage _____________ to save you huge amounts of time and money in your wellness management

In other words, you want your incentive offer to reflect your overall brand. This keeps them interested, devoted and responsive to your upcoming email messages.

  1. Focus on your incentive offer. What did you offer in exchange for a prospect’s email address? Make sure you deliver and give them what you promised. When your elite incentive offer IMMEDIATELY appeals to your prospects, they will subscribe.
  1. Be consistent with what you are offering. From your CTA through to your optin lead page and then to your thank you page make sure your theme/brand is consistent. This creates trustworthiness and belief in your brand.
  1. WHAT you offer is important. But knowing your audience is also important. Make sure you offer your incentive correctly to your unique audience. In other words, don’t offer ping pong paddles to people with amputated off arms. They will NOT be interested in your offer.
  1. To create an incentive that truly connects emotionally with your target market, thoroughly survey your market. KNOW what they really want and need. When you understand their interests, offer it to them so your offer improves their life quality.
  1. Your incentive offer represents what you have planned to offer that completely solves their problem. The offers and suboffers you make are all relevant to what helps your prospects no longer suffer in their problems. When your prospects and customers know YOUR interest is in helping them, they want to become your business friend. That’s the goal.
  1. Add a call to action in your optin page. You are a thought leader in your optin page instructions. So guide your reader on what to do (Fill in his/her contact information including his or her first name and primary email address.)
  1. Develop a genuine business relationship with your prospects. This and more needs to be conveyed in the optin incentive offer page. You can do it!

We encourage you to focus on doing marketing in a way that genuinely helps your prospects solve their problem. We realize not everything can do this. That’s why we are here for you. If you need help with SEO or any aspect of marketing, please know we are here to help. If you need direction about your marketing please email us at [email protected].