Client Relations

Do You Feel Happy About Being a Business Success?


There is a part of you driving you to showcase your unique talent as a business specialty.  In your client relations, when you are happy in your work, you actually attract clients to you.  They see that you are genuinely happy being a business success.

Being happy in your work is a gift.  Think about this…there are so many people employed by corporations because they have to do something to financially support themselves and their families.  But when you run your own business, you are the most successful when you feel happy about what you do. You GET to be in business for yourself. Click here for more info

Talk Optimistically During Client Relations

Every business requires the business owner to do tedious tasks.  Complaining to clients about having to do tedious, mundane, boring tasks that keep your business successful actually attracts more about which to complain.  So, expressing gratitude and talking optimistically with clients about choosing to see the good in all you do actually helps clients feel happy to do business with you.

Some business owners say, “I’ll be so happy when this very tedious task of (fill in the blank) is over.  It is such a drag to do this on a regular basis.  But, there is light at the end of the tunnel, thank goodness.”  Having an unhappiness attitude about any aspect of your business is actually disrespecting the opportunity to be in business.  And, you are confessing that you are waiting to be happy AFTER you get your way again.  This is a draining way to run a business.  For this reason and more, remember that when you engage in client relations about your business, talk about being happy you have the opportunity to contribute to the world.

Tips About Being Happy In Your Business

Here are some ideas about how to be happy being a business success.  First and foremost, think about how you are helping others feel good about themselves when you offer uplifting comments about your business.  This is the core of running your business as a heart centered one.

  1. Choose to be happy

Yes, it’s true that you could complain about the business tasks that seem mundane and boring, but why?  Complaining delays feeling happy.  Don’t wait to be happy.  Focus on what you DO like and be happy expressing gratitude for the opportunity to make this a better world by sharing your talent or passion. Remember to especially do this when you engage in client relations.

  1. Embrace Change

Some people see change as scary.  But sometimes change can be good.  See change as being something that helps your business progress.  Remember, there are many different foods you can eat in a day.  Thank goodness you have the opportunity to choose to change to eating something different for lunch than from what you had at breakfast.  It is the same for your business.  You have the free will to change things that are not working well to ones that work better to help you succeed in your business.

  1. Talk about a happy future in your business

If things are turning out unexpectedly in your business today, do something different tomorrow.  Imagine the new thing bringing you a wonderful outcome.  Expect and anticipate good things happening each day.  This helps you create a happy future for your business.