Building Customer Loyalty

What Makes Customers Love Your Unique Solutions?

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What is your business based upon first and foremost? Fans.  Clients. Customers. Whatever you call them, they are the people you help. When your company offers unique solutions that deliver what you promise, customers love it. It is by creating and keeping a loyal fan base that your business thrives.  At the heart of a thriving business is a program all about building customer loyalty.

Building customer loyalty first happens when you consistently offer high perceived value to your clients. How do you know what is considered as highly valuable to your customers? By interacting with them.  It’s important to listen to what they have to say because after all, your business is really here for them.

And how do you give your fans what they want?  By genuinely listening to them and giving them what they want in the WAY they want it.

Building Customer Loyalty Begins By Being a Considerate Listener

By paying genuine attention to your existing customers, asking for feedback and incorporating reasonable ideas, your customers see that you really care about them. Sharing is caring.  Share ideas with them about changes and improvements you intend to incorporate in your business.  And, after you incorporate those changes, get their feedback about the changes.  Doing this you have an even deeper connection to your clients.

So remember, a secret to building customer loyalty is listening to what they have to say.  CARE enough to make changes that benefit your customers.  Think of your customers like your family.  Create unique solutions to your client’s problems and challenges and let the love flow!

Do Something Respectful About Complaints

Feedback can be useful even when it comes in the form of a complaint.  If a customer complains about your service or product, follow up with the complaint.  Transform the interaction into something positive for both you and your customer. When you show you really care about your customer’s feelings and concerns, you are showing that you have unique solutions to their problems.

Give Effective Follow Up After The Sale

Effective follow-up begins after the sale closes.  Call the customer to say “thank you.” Or send a letter by snail mail to your customer with a discount coupon for a future purchase.  Ask what pleases your customer most about the purchased product or service.  Thank them again for their time and honest feedback.

Share Pertinent Information That Improves Your Customer’s Life

If you read an article, or something in a book, or hear about a relevant organization that might help the customer further solve his or her specific problem, contact your customer with this information.  Go the extra mile for your customers by sharing new, different and relevant information. Doing this, they see that you really do offer unique solutions in a personal way.

Start and Maintain An Interesting Customer Loyalty Program

Remember that engagement is the lifeblood of all loyalty programs. Specifically, long-term, genuine, interesting, entertaining engagement between you and your customers 619 roofing.  Don’t keep using the same old customer loyalty program and bore your customers.  Give them something that intrigues and interest them, like a good mystery that involves them.  Doing so, they will tell their friends what a great business you are.  And that’s good for everyone.