How to Market Your Business From a Kind Heart

What is the lifeblood of your business? Your customers. Because this is true, regularly show customers gratitude for them being your customers.  Let customers know how much you value your genuinely enjoyable relationship with them. Think about your business as many, many truly valuable relationships instead of sales transactions. Having this attitude about your business, your customers will naturally want to stay your customers.

Think about how you could do something nice for your customers.  What good could you cause to happen in the lives of your customers and prospects if you started regularly sending brief email messages encouraging them to see all the good they do simply because they are in the world?  If you think this is a good idea to spread joy and hopefulness, really do it! See what a good thing you wind up doing!  This is one idea you could employ to show customers gratitude.

Think about the world generally.  The mainstream media commonly publishes discouraging, disturbing, unsolvable problem.  When asked why they publish such discouraging news, they say it is their duty to inform people about what’s going on in the world.  But, does the news have to be so negative?  No, it does NOT.  So, when you provide some encouraging words to your part of the business world, you are marketing your business from a kind heart. In fact, when you see your business as a way to bring good cheer to your customers, you show customers gratitude by respecting them.

Regularly Show Customers Gratitude

Imagine what might happen for your business if you regularly picked two local customers and called them out of the blue on the phone, telling them that you are grateful for them being your customers. How might that help you develop a reputation locally for being a caring business person?

Many business owners thank their customers at the sale.  But, they forget to stay in touch with the customers thanking them after the sale.  When you see your customers as people with whom you have wonderful relationships, you naturally want to keep in touch. And, not just for an upsale.  Do it because you like (or even love) them!

Regularly Show Business Customers Gratitude

Sometimes you provide products and services to business customers.  What would happen if you contacted business customers and expressed gratitude for them being your business customers?  It’s very similar to showing consumer customers your gratitude for being your customer.  And when you do this, you cement your relationship with your business customers.

Regularly Show Business Colleagues Gratitude

What about business colleagues?  Have you thought about regularly showing them gratitude for being honest, respected, appreciated business owners?  The business world hosts many different types of commercial endeavors.  It just makes good sense to thank local and global businesses and show them how much you appreciate them.  It’s something rarely any business owner does.

When you show people gratitude and appreciation for those who contribute to your business wellbeing, it’s a pleasant and unexpected gift. You may say you don’t have time to do it.  However, does that attitude show your gratitude for them?  There is always something you can do to show your appreciation and gratitude for business relationships without making a sale the priority

Can you imagine what good will you could inspire by making a habit one day a year where you show customers gratitude?  When you show customers gratitude, you focus on the value they bring to your corner of the business world.

We all like to be acknowledged for our contributions.  Make it a tradition of celebrating small business, customers and people generally. Your local or global community will come to know you as someone they like, know and trust.  And that really can help you in your business.

Market your business from a kind heart.  It will brighten your day and the day of others around you.