Does Your Webmaster Care About YOU?

Does your webmaster care about you?  It is a question we have asked ourselves and our clients.


A recent client shared a “horror” story with us.  She needed to build her first website.  Drawn by the glitz and glamour, she hired a company who created a beautiful website – complete with the glitz and glamour of her own.  All was well.

The website drew some new clients and she wanted to add some additional functions to her site.  So she emailed the webmaster. She waited.  And waited.  And waited some more, when finally a reply came back sounding official.  It was going to take perhaps 4-6 weeks to make the change.  Sigh.

The woman waited the four weeks, still no change.  She waited.  Finally she called the webmaster who was abrupt and harsh, and finally 7 weeks later the change was made.


Another client shared with us how they had a falling out with their previous website manager who immediately removed the entire website.  Leaving the client with no backup or way to retrieve the information they had invested in their marketing options.

These two horror stories are just a few of the stories we have heard.

Holistic Hub Websites and Marketing

We were those clients that had the horror stories.  We had sites removed.  We had unresponsive webmasters.  AND  we wanted something different.  That is a small part of why we created Holistic Hub Websites.  We knew that every moment spent creating a website is critically.  The colors, the branding, and the videos are all vital pieces.  Having control over your own site, while having a webmaster who understands the unique needs in the holistic market, make us the perfect solution.

When you co-create a website with us, you are assigned a PA who is your advocate.  They work with the technical people, the marketing people, and the writers to ensure that everything YOU desire is followed through as quickly as possible.  ONE person to deal with for all your needs whose only job is to be an advocate for YOU.  Our vision is to ensure that you and other holistic practitioners like you don’t have to wade through the painful process of creating a powerful, and ultimately productive, online presence (more than just a pretty website).

Holistic Hub Websites & Marketing Services makes it easy for you to have the most optimum mobile-friendly online presence. This makes it easy for prospective clients and customers to find you. You don’t have to worry about what Google wants, because we create it for you!

All things related to growing your holistic practice online!  Get your own made-for-you website now and discover the difference having a webmaster who truly cares about you (YOUR PA) can make.