Doing Marketing Tasks You Hate Doing

The American TV show “ER” ran for fifteen seasons. Do you know what it takes to run a TV show? The first and foremost thing it needs is creative content. That creative content must be written by talented writers who know what the audience enjoys seeing. The entire “ER” team won many awards for this show because they dedicated themselves to providing quality content for their audience. Doing all the necessary marketing tasks to successfully run your business is a lot like presiding over a successful TV show. You can outsource tasks that seem tedious or unchallenging to you to provide for your niche audience. Doing marketing tasks you hate doing is an attitude that can make or break your business.

Your Niche Market Is Counting On You

Think of yourself in your business like you are an actor in a successful running TV show. It takes work to create an award winner. That’s what you are doing when you consistently market your business solution. You are the lead actor, writer, editor, director, thought leader, etc., rehearsing different approaches to problem solving for your niche. Keep promoting the value in your business solution so your niche can keep living their dreams. Your niche market is counting on you!

SuccessfullyOperating a Businessby Doing Marketing Tasks You Hate Doing

When you share your passion and different ways to use the knowledge about your passion, you are like a famous actor in a successful TV show. “The show MUST go on!” is a famous saying in the acting field. No matter what unexpected events occur in a show, it is only a last resort that the show is cancelled or postponed.   Why? Because the actors are there for their fans. And, if you keep showing up for your fans, they keep showing up for you.

There is no value to you or your customers and clients if you neglect to reliably, regularly and dependably do marketing tasks to keep fulfilling your business mission. Just as in a successful TV show the actors are counting on all other actors AND the support workers that make the TV show success possible. In your business, your niche customers and prospects are counting on you to keep providing quality care to them. This is where you can change your attitude about consistently doing marketing. Marketing is an investment in your niche audience’s happiness.

Another way to look at your business and marketing approach is as an exclusive community or a family. By marketing regularly, you keep providing hope for problem solving. By regularly networking, marketing and doing what needs to be done to help your niche, new people see there is hope for them to solve or effectively manage their problem.

So think about the very negative title of this blog post topic. Do you hate serving your market or do you love serving your market? The more you tell yourself you hate to market, the less successful you’ll be. The more often you remember how you are making a huge difference in your target market’s lives, the more you will see marketing tasks as a way to help your niche live an improved quality of life.

How Do You Develop a Love of Doing Marketing Tasks?
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