happiness in your business

How to offer a legacy of happiness in your business

You have a voice.  You can use it to talk about the wonderful things that happen in your life or, you can complain and be a voice of doom and gloom.  When you anticipate and expect good things will happen for yourself and others, good things happen.  Use your voice as a messenger of happiness.  Doing so, you offer a legacy of happiness in your business.

How To Focus on Authentic Happiness In Your Business

The Law of Attraction teaches the world that the idea upon which you focus the most is the thing you create and attract into your life most easily.  So, imagine what the world would be like if you focused on spreading authentic happiness?  How would you make it happen?  You would model your thoughts and behavior after a person who exudes authentic happiness.  Then, as you followed that model, you would become a thought leader of happiness.

Think of someone you really admire.  This person expresses life in attitudes of happiness.  Whenever he or she sees you, it is like you are the most important person on earth to him or her.

He or she speaks respectfully about you, regardless of whether or not you can perform exceptionally well at any one skill.  That person tells other people about you and talks about how precious and fine you are to the world.  In short, you always feel good being around this person.  He or she is a unique individual who is in this world but not actually using the social models of this world to be a respecter of a social status. Instead, this person is truly happy and shares that vibration with you.

The model of authentic happiness is one where you simply chose to be yourself and share kind words and acts with others. You do not care about climbing social ladders at the expense of others.  Instead, you simply focus on being happy from your soul.

Broadcasting A Business Legacy of Happiness

When you recognize your personal standards as ones that include that of CHOOSING to be happy, those standards touch every aspect of your life, including your business.  This means when you think about your customers, you feel happy.  You focus on one specific aspect of each customer and you celebrate it.  Yes, even the challenging ones.  Why?  Because everyone, no matter how successful or unsuccessful they might be, is focused on doing things to be happy. When you make this also be true for your business, you promote to others a legacy of happiness.

All around you look at the negative pictures painted by big businesses trying to get you to compete for your personal happiness using their products and services.  Does it make you happy to be their customer?  No!  Why not?  Because you feel they don’t really care about you.  So, you can take that into consideration when forming the standards for your own business and make it be a business that really cares for others.

Are you marketing your business from your heart?  If so, you’ve grasped the heart centered way of doing marketing.  Being a heart centered marketer is a breath of fresh air.  It’s almost like being a carefree kid again.  Remember those happy memories of being a kid, free to be yourself?  Bring those memories forward into your business.  That’s how you create and sustain a legacy of authentic happiness in your business.